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Review: Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System

Every month, more than 1000 people come to this blog looking for information on how to introduce bondage into their marital bed or asking why it is that their spouse wants to be tied up.  Some of that is due to the 50

Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Gift?

Tuesday is Valentine’s Day.  Does that thought terrify you?  I’ll admit, Valentine’s Day sort of snuck up on me this year. But, I have the perfect last-minute gift for you.

Last Minute Sexy Christmas Gifts

Last minute sexy Christmas gifts

I had someone ask about sexy Christmas gifts they can get their spouse.  So, here’s a very quick run through of some things that I think you could still manage to get by Christmas. 1. Books ($10 and under) Amazon will let you

Eva - The strange but effective sex toy

Eva – A strange but effective sex toy

I’ll admit, the Eva is the strangest sex toy we own.  I mean, it doesn’t look like any other toy I have.  Almost every other one, it’s fairly obvious what you do with it. This one needs some explaining, but when you get

4 sex positions made easier by the Liberator Wedge

4 sex positions made easier by the Liberator Wedge

A few weeks ago, I posted an unboxing of my new Liberator Black Label Wedge.  Sorry, I had technical problems and the audio didn’t work.  I’ll admit when I learned about the Liberator wedge, I wasn’t sure how useful it would be. We’ve

The DivaCup and why I love it - All your questions about menstrual cups answered, especially the embarrassing ones

The DivaCup and why I love it

There seems to be an increase in interest in finding out more about the DivaCup or other menstrual cups.  Wives want to know how they work and why would anyone use them? The DivaCup is a small silicone cup shaped to fit inside you. It fits

We-Vibe Sync Product Review - An awesome couples toy

We-Vibe Sync – Product Review

A couple of weeks ago I received a We-Vibe Sync in the mail.  I absolutely love the We-Vibe V1 we bought quite a few years ago and was looking forward to the updated version.  We-Vibe promised I wouldn’t be disappointed and they were

Learn how to give a sensual massage for Valentine’s Day

I’ve written about the benefits of massaging my wife in past posts, like “Why don’t I give my wife more massages” and “Are you ready for Mother’s Day“.  We also saw from our survey on wives orgasm experiences that a lot of spouses suggested

Truth or Dare for the married couple

Remember playing Truth or Dare as a teenager?  If not, let me explain.  Truth or dare is a simple game where your fellow gamer requests a “Truth” or a “Dare”, and then you proceed to form a question, or a dare, to put

What is a good first "adult" toy

What is a good first “adult” toy?

Well, it’s the Christmas season again, and apparently a lot of people are thinking about buying some “adult” toys for presents (I’m going to assume for their spouse).  The last few surveys (which were a while ago, we really need to run another

What do you recommend for lubricant?

Here’s another one from our Have A Question page that I’ve had in my inbox for a while: Can you make a recommendation for massage oils or lotions? Is there any that double as lubricant? Are there any that don’t leave oily grease