Seeking Forgiveness

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A 13 day devotional about forgiveness using the Bible

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This devotional came about because I had a coaching client who was having trouble feeling forgiven by God. He was sorry for his sins, was working to change his life, but something was holding him back from accepting forgiveness. So, I put together this 13 day devotional for him, to better understand what the Bible says about our need for forgiveness, the purpose of guilt, how to ask for forgiveness, how to accept it and ultimately, learn to experience the joy of forgiveness.

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1 review for Seeking Forgiveness

  1. Norah (verified owner)

    I recently had the wonderful opportunity to read the 14 day devotional Seeking Forgivness by Jay Dee from the blog Sex within Marriage. When I saw the title it captured my interest from the start. As someone who has struggled with accepting the fact that God has truly forgiven my sins I wanted to study more on the subject. This book helps with that in so many ways. It follows Scripture on how to confess ask and seek for forgiveness. What I loved the most was it went into why we have some of the feelings associated with dealing with sins. Feelings of guilt and shame and what to do with them. This devotional is not ment to be read in one day as I have learned. Take time each day read it and the word. It will take you from confession of your sins to God to a restored place back to him.

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