Truth or Dare

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The game Truth or Dare just inspires vision of naughtiness and fun, doesn’t it? It’s that risk of vulnerability, mixed with the potential for pleasure that’s so enticing.

But, you’re married, so the pleasure doesn’t just have to be “potential”, and the vulnerability isn’t so risky, is it?  Instead, you can just have a lot of sexy fun, getting to know each other better, while you “get to know” each other better.

This game is easy to setup and fun to play through – if you can make it to the end that is.



Over 40 “Truths” and 40 “Dares” to choose from.  This game will progress from Level 1, which is sort of like strip truth and dare to level three, through level 2, which consists of foreplay activities, to level three, which you will be more than warmed up for.

2 reviews for Truth or Dare

  1. David

    My wife and I really enjoyed this. The truths encourage you to be open and honest with your partner in a way that brings you closer together and has started a couple of conversations for us. The dares encourage good foreplay and included some things that we’d never thought of before and enjoyed trying.

  2. FoeHammer

    Awesome game! The wife and I spent an evening completing this and it was difficult for me to keep her from jumping to the final act and skipping the rest of the game. Thankfully I was able to keep the discipline and stay the course. Lasted an entire “Date-In”. 🙂

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