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This instantly downloadable PDF contains printable sheets of coupons to give to your spouse for any occasion: Father’s or Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.  The perfect gift for any high-drive spouse.

It contains up to 100 pre-typed Sexy Coupons (depending on which variation you choose), plus a sheet of “make your own” hand written coupons, that you can print and choose from to give to your spouse as a gift.

You can print them on regular paper, card stock, or buy perforated business cards to make it easier.

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Looking for an extra-special gift to give your spouse.? One that gives them the best gift of all – you?  This file of printable gift coupons is exactly what you’re looking for.

This product comes in three versions: Romantic, Sexual and Black Label:

The Romantic Set

This set contains 30 coupons for you to choose from.  It also comes with a page of blank cards so you can fill in any gifts that you didn’t find contained in the product, or perhaps an activity that has special meaning to you.

If sex is a touchy subject in your marriage, you don’t think your spouse would be happy with a sexy gift, or if you just would rather focus on romantic activities, this set is for you.

The Sexy Set

The Sexy Set includes everything in the Romantic Set as well as an additional 40 coupons for you to choose from that are all of a sexual nature.  Depending on your marriage, busyness of the season, monthly cycles, expected exhaustion levels, or anything else you can plan around, you may wish to choose both sexual and non-sexual activities to gift this holiday season.

If you and your spouse prefer sex to be straightforward with maybe a little manual and oral sex thrown in, then this is the set for you.

The Black Label Set

While the sexy set will generally be okay with most people, this set starts pushing some of the boundaries many people have.  This set contains the previous two sets, plus an additional 30 activities that include bondageanal play, power exchange and other edgy topics.  Of course, you’re welcome to choose the activities you are okay, mix them with the Romantic and Sexy Sets’ cards and leave the rest alone.

If you and your spouse are the adventurous type in bed, then this is the set for you.

Printable and ready to use

All you need is a printer, some paper (card stock makes a nice touch) and scissors.  Optionally, some hole-punch the coupons and tie them with a ribbon, or staple them into a book to give it some extra flair.  Within minutes, you’ll have a unique gift for your spouse that’s sure to promote intimacy in any season.

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Romantic (non-sexual), Sexy, Black-Label

2 reviews for Sexy Coupons – Version 2 – Printable

  1. Jmessy17 (verified owner)

    AMAZING Christmas gift for my hubby! I picked what I was comfortable with (not the romantic cards though because let’s be honest that’s for women!)
    And I have never seen him feel so loved. It was incredible!

  2. Nicolas (verified owner)

    We have really enjoyed using these coupons! We both like the variety that it offers and it has helped both of us to expand how we love and serve each other!

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