What do wives want? – A primer for husbands


Looking for a book to help you understand your wife better?  Here it is.  With input from dozens of wives from all walks of life, this book extrapolates the basic desires and needs of women and helps you understand how to meet them better.

126 pages – PDF Format

Also available for Kindle and soon in paperback.



Ever feel like you’ll never understand your wife? You’re not alone. After years of speaking to married men and their wives, a statement that comes up quite frequently from husbands is:  I just don’t understand what she wants from me!

The truth is, husbands generally don’t have a clue what the answer to that is. It’s not because we’re stupid or we can’t learn. Instead, it’s because men and women are radically different, and not only physically.

As well, we’ve been fed a lot of misinformation from our media and culture about what women want from a spouse. This only adds to the confusion.

And lastly, women often don’t know what they want themselves. Or if they do, part of it is that they want the men to instinctively know what it is they want.

What do wives want is a primer to get you started on a life of learning about how to understand, and love, your wife. It’s written based on years of working as a marriage educator and coach as well as the direct input from wives in each chapter.

Throughout the book, you’ll read their own thoughts. Some were shared before the book was written, some in response to the chapters as they were formed. In all cases, their thoughts, experiences and tips are real and informative.

This book will help you understand what is it your wife wants and needs from you as a husband so you can finally answer the question: What does my wife want from me?

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