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My name is Jay, and my wife is Christina, and when we got married in 2001, we were not prepared. By that I mean we were prepared in much the same way others are. I think we were just expected to pick things up on our own. We did the typical pre-marital counseling at the church, but once we got married (just after our 20th birthdays), we soon realized that it’s not quite as simple as people make it out to be.

We struggled for the next 7 years just to be civil to each other until we finally realized we needed to fix it before we killed each other. About a year after that, I started this blog, originally called SexWithinMarriage.com. One of our biggest struggles had to do with sex, we were clinically “sexless” for years, and there was very little out there in terms of good help for Christians.

The lack of help led you to believe that either you were the only one, or that everyone was having the same issue and there was no solution. What little advice you could find was either non-Christian, or was Christian advice that was bad. So, I set out to round up all the good, Christian advice there was. Along the way I started writing my own content, got trained as a Christian life & marriage coach and we had 5 children.

In September of 2016, we re-branded Sex Within Marriage to Uncovering Intimacy, because I started writing more and more about non-sexual topics. Marriage is holistic and you can’t really write for long about sex without involving the rest of the relationship. So, we renamed the site to align with our ever-present focus of building intimacy in marriages.

Today, this ministry has become a reader/listener supported blog, podcast, shop for resources. and coaching practice. We also run webinars, surveys and host other events designed to help build productive and joyful Christian marriages.

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