Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Gift?

Tuesday is Valentine’s Day.  Does that thought terrify you?  I’ll admit, Valentine’s Day sort of snuck up on me this year.

I thought it was later in the week.  If it snuck up on you too, or you’re still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, I’m writing about Melt today.  For those of my readers who have been around for a while, they know I usually post about Melt on Valentine’s Day.  If you’re new, you may not know what Melt is.

Melt is the creation of Denis Merkas and is a series of courses designed to teach you how to give a massage to your spouse.  They teach you the techniques, the timing, the sequence and even music you can use as a background track during the massage.  It’s basically everything you need to give the perfect massage.

So, why do I write about these every year?  Well, for one, he usually runs a promo on Valentine’s Day that I like to share.  But there are other reasons:

1. Because reminders are helpful

Everyone needs reminders.  Even me.  I own this series of videos and I often forget!  I need to be reminded to give my spouse massages, which is crazy.  I often repeat topics on this blog, because it’s good to have a reminder of the things we’ve learned.  Plus, it’s new info for all the new readers.

In this case, I just want to remind you, that if you ever thought “I wish I knew how to let my spouse relax and change gears for later intimacy”, this is what you’re looking for!  And it’s on sale right now!  The perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

2. Because I hate the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts

Chocolates just add to people’s body image issues.  Flowers are crazily overpriced at this time of the year and will soon die.  I refuse to buy flowers near Valentine’s Day.  With this one exception:

Valentine's Day RosesThis year I saw this in the grocery store as I was walking by the $50 roses.  It was under $5 and is an actual plant, not cut roses.  So, they shouldn’t die.  Hopefully, we can plant them outside in the spring.

But typically I don’t buy, or suggest, the regular gamut of Valentine’s Day gifts.  But, I love the idea of Melt.  It’s a gift that actually continues to help your marriage.  It’s a lot easier to initiate sex when it comes with the promise of a massage (I’ll be writing about more skillful initiation tomorrow).

3. Because this present promotes intimacy

Still looking for the perfect gift that's sexy without being overly sexual-While you can do the massages clothed (as they do in the videos), it’s much better naked.  So, this is an easier way for a low-drive spouse to accept getting naked, which I know a lot of women, in particular, have trouble with.

As well, it’s pretty easy to transition a massage into manual sex, and then into other types of sex.  This is a gift that actually promotes intimacy, not just temporary happiness.  Plus, it’s a skill you learn, so it’s an ongoing tool you can use in our marriage.  And that’s worth far more than what Denis is charging for this course.

Right now, Melt is offering their video series plus their foot rub videos for free.  If your spouse loves having their feet rubbed, this will temporarily transport them to heaven.  My wife says, “It really does make you melt!”  He usually sells it for $171 (well worth the price), but it’s on now for $99!  So, if you wish you could do something amazing this year for Valentine’s Day here’s your chance.

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