Spice Jar – Sexual Activities Game – Printable

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This instantly downloadable PDF contains printable sheets of cards for Spice Jar – a game designed to shake up your sexual activities.  Tired of always doing the same things in the same order?  This deck of 50 cards (plus whichever ones you write yourself) will help you cycle through all the items in your sexual repertoire, and perhaps even add a few more.

It contains 50 pre-typed Spice Jar cards, plus a sheet of “make your own” hand written cards, that you can print.  The only other thing you need is a 6-sided die to play.  Instructions are contained in the PDF, but basically: you each can veto any card before play, then you take turns drawing the cards and acting on them.

You can print them on regular paper, card stock, or buy perforated business cards to make it easier.



This game is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion.

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3 reviews for Spice Jar – Sexual Activities Game – Printable

  1. Cunina (verified owner)

    I was so excited to find these on your website! I heard your podcast “How to Keep Spicing Up your Marriage” a couple of weeks ago when the “thought” occurred to you. I thought it was a great idea at the time and had started making my own, but these are so much better, and easier! Well worth the price! And I love that there are blank cards for us to add our own ideas! Thanks again!

  2. Damond (verified owner)

    Been reading your blog for a couple months now, and loved this idea! Got it for my wife and I to use on special nights and it’s a great way to open up communication between us. It really helps us get to know one another better and feel more connected.

  3. Jeff (verified owner)

    Ots a very interesting game but not what I expected I’m perfectly fine with it but getting my wife to play it would be impossible

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