Last minute sexy Christmas gifts

Jay Dee

Last minute sexy Christmas gifts

Dec 17, 2016

I had someone ask about sexy Christmas gifts they can get their spouse.  So, here’s a very quick run through of some things that I think you could still manage to get by Christmas. 1. Books ($10 and under) Amazon will let you know if

Last Minute Sexy Christmas Gifts

I had someone ask about sexy Christmas gifts they can get their spouse.  So, here’s a very quick run through of some things that I think you could still manage to get by Christmas.

1. Books ($10 and under)

Amazon will let you know if you can get it in time for Christmas.  You may end up having to pay for premium shipping.  There’s also always Kindle, but it lacks the physical hand-off of the gift.

If you’re a younger couple (by that I mean the age of your marriage, not your personal ages), then I’d suggest Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts. While this isn’t an inherently “sexy” gift, it will help you avoid a lot of the conflicts that will get in the way of sexy times. You can read my review if you want more information.

Create Conversation Starters for Couples is another book I reviewed recently, and this one is a keeper.  I’d buy one of these and keep it in the glovebox in the car.  That way you can pull it out on long drives, or when you find yourselves going to dinner and get stuck about what to talk about.

2. Printables ($10 and under)

These printables are, well, printable.  So you can order these Christmas day and still give them as a gift.

Sexy Coupons is the perfect sexy gift for a husband or wife who loves sex.  You can pick the ones you want to give and they can redeem them throughout the year.  It’s a simple PDF that you can print onto business card perforated sheets, or you can just cut them out.

Along the same lines is our Spice Jar game.  This simple game is designed to help get you out of a sexual rut, or just to expand your playtime a bit.  You can go through the deck and pre-veto things you aren’t willing to try while keeping in the ones that may make you a little nervous, but in a good way.

It’s Getting Hot in Here is a couples bedroom game to help you slow down foreplay and get warmed up before sex.  You can buy it on Etsy and print it yourself.

 3. Toys ($60 and up)

Sex toys are a favourite Christmas present of mine to give to my wife because they’re fun for both of us.  I like turning her into a puddle of pleasure, and she doesn’t mind it either.  Now, for Christmas, I tend to like getting something that’s a bit more of an investment.  Toys that are well made and fit a need that isn’t being filled by anything we have yet.  All links are from Married Dance, and the owners there say that Sunday, 9pm CST is the cutoff for getting stuff shipped in time for Christmas, so don’t wait.  Oh, and use coupon code UNCOVERINGINTIMACY for 10% off your order.

The Magic Wand is a powerhouse of a toy.  It’s great for one thing: giving orgasms.  It’s not a subtle toy at all, and there is really only two speeds: high or rediculously high.  But, when your orgasm is being elusive, this one can often make it happen.  Now, my wife says these orgasms are often more abrupt, but hey, that’s often better than nothing at all.

Something like the We-Vibe Sync, on the other hand is the opposite.  This toy creates an experience.  You can program it to slowly build over the course of a session to craft the sensations you want.  With two motors and almost infinite control, this toy is almost the opposite of the Magic Wand.  You can check out my review of this toy here.

If you’re looking for a toy that you can use during sex then the Eva is perfect.  It’s not strong, and it doesn’t have a lot of options.  What it is though is precise.  If you’re trying to have an orgasm during penetration for the first time, this one is worth a shot.  The Magic Wand is too big, and the Sync may not be powerful enough, but this little Eva manages to sit perfectly right in order to get the job done.  You can read my full review here.

4. Sex Accessories ($5 and up)

This category of products are used during sex, but I wouldn’t call them sex toys.  So, we’re going with sex accessories as a name.

The first is the Liberator Wedge, which I reviewed recently as well and it’s a fun addition to sex.  Depending on the position, this can make sex better, easier, or just different.

Now, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try something like a spreader bar with cuffs.  This is a restraint device that locks your arms and legs in certain positions.  Mostly so that you can’t close your legs.   I haven’t used this particular one, but if you’re looking for ideas on how to use a spreader bar, you check read this post.  Many women find that they have stronger and longer orgasms when restrained, for various reasons.   Now, if you’ve never played with any sort of restraint play, this might be too much.  You might want to start off with something simpler like a basic pair of cuffs or a blindfold.

Lastly, if all that’s a bit much, maybe just start with an Oralove Kit which will enhance your oral sex experience.

If you’re still shopping today for Christmas gifts are looking for something sexy to buy, there are some ideas.

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