50 Sexy Coupons – Printable

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This instantly downloadable PDF contains printable sheets of coupons to give to your spouse for any occasion: Father’s or Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.  The perfect gift for any high-drive spouse.

It contains 50 pre-typed Sexy Coupons, plus a sheet of “make your own” hand written coupons, that you can print and choose from to give to your spouse as a gift.

You can print them on regular paper, card stock, or buy perforated business cards to make it easier.

Includes a 10% discount code for MarriedDance.com

Note: This has been replaced by our Version 2 Sexy Coupons product.

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These Sexy Coupons are the perfect gift for Father’s Day or any other special occasion.

5 reviews for 50 Sexy Coupons – Printable

  1. Kelly

    I love how much variety these cards have. They are great for a conservative partner, and they also have cards that will help the conservative partner try new things. I bought these for my husband and they are full of great ideas. I also like that I can pull any out that I’m not ready for yet. Good purchase!

  2. Rachel

    These are brilliant! I’m planning a night of music, candles, fun and games one night in the near future for my husband and I, and these are going to make it better than I’d planned! I love these coupons. I’m not sure who’s going to enjoy it more – me or him?? Lol. Fantastic, thank you so much!

  3. Cunina (verified owner)

    Just another good idea from Jay Dee! I love the look of the coupons. Sexy but tasteful! I do like that you can pick what you like and there are blank ones to add your own ideas. I can’t tell you how much our marriage has improved because of all your encouragement and suggestions! Thanks!

  4. Norah (verified owner)

    I just love these coupons. They are cute and convenient. We used one the first night. It is great to have ideas to help spice things up. They are clean and you can filter through what you will and won’t do.

  5. Josh (verified owner)

    These looked nice, so I bought them. Was pleasantly surprised with the variety of cards. Love how nicely designed and descriptive each one is!

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