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Wife has lost her orgasm

I got this question a few months ago, through our anonymous Have A Question page: my wife cant reach orgasm. However previously she used to get it. I feel very sad. She was dry previously. After checkup it was found no problem. She accidentally got pregnant. Used

Is it all just about sex?

I received this question a couple of weeks ago through our anonymous Have A Question page: I understand that this page is about sex in marriage and making it good. However, I have a question. Why does it seem that men see good sex as

Curious about being with someone else

This question came in a couple of weeks ago from our anonymous Have A Question page: I love my spouse but what if i find myself wondering how it would be having sex with someone else. I lost my virginity to my husb and proud

Can’t keep his penis in while trying other positions

I received this question yesterday from our anonymous Have A Question page I really don’t think you have tacked this before as I have looked, but my question is about different sex positions. My husband and I have been married for 10 years and the

Is that how you want your spouse to see you?

I think a lot of spouses have a bad habit of talking bad about themselves.  Women in particular are generally very well know for criticizing their appearance.  Most men don’t do this as much.  Men, if they verbalize this, tend to downplay their accomplishments and

Is sex work?

Is sex work for you?  What about your spouse?  Do you know?  Now, for me, the answer is a hands down “No”.  I mean, I work hard during sex, and my muscles get tired, I get sweaty and I’m very focused … but I would

Being clean for sex

I’ve seen a bunch of comments lately on the topic of being clean for sex. Here’s a few I’d noticed just in the last couple of days: i would like to hear about shower / bath before sex. is it common? is it done in

Growth takes risk

Sometimes you need to be willing to risk what you have in order to get something better.  I’m not talking about leaving your spouse on the hopes of a better one, though that’s the message the world tries to peddle.  Rather, I’m talking about getting

Dealing with a Bait and Switch

I received this question from our anonymous Have A Question page about a month ago: My wife and I have had a troubled sex life for years. Before we were married it was incredible and she fulfilled every desire I had(yes we know it was

Do orgasm times change as you get older?

I received this question from our anonymous Have A Question page about a week ago: Do all women take a long time to have an orgasm? I feel like I am weird or something because it doesn’t take much time for me to have to

Should I be upset if my spouse falls asleep during sex?

So, I got this question yesterday from our anonymous Have A Question page: Last night my husband decided to finish inside me and since I was no where near orgasm at the time, we thought I should be finished with toys. Anyway, my orgasm wasn’t