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Do Christians have sex during their period?

Do Christians have sex during the wife's period?

Way back in May, I started a survey on period sex.  I said I would do the analysis when we hit 600 respondents.  Well, I give up.  We hit 490 and it’s sat there for the last two months.  I stopped badgering the mailing list

Period Sex Survey

A while ago, I received a question about sex during menstruation from our anonymous Have A Question page: How many couples have sex while the wife is on her period? My husband and I have been married for almost 8 years. The idea of having

Do Christians shave their pubic hair?

For those of you who have filled out the survey (and if you didn’t, you still can here), you know that one of the reasons I ran the survey was because someone made the comment: [My wife] claims that NO ONE does that every week,

Personal Grooming Survey

I received a question about a week ago regarding personal grooming, and in the question they stated: [My wife] claims that NO ONE does that every week, month or more than once or twice a year… For those of you who have been around here

Survey on prayer and sex

After our first week’s marriage challenge, I got some really encouraging feedback from spouses saying that their marriage had found a new level of intimacy, that they’re feeling more connected, that their spouses are being more considerate, more loving. So, I’m curious just how much

Sexual Positions Survey Results

At the request of a few readers, I ran a survey a week and a bit ago asking people what their favorite positions were during sex.  And I decided to hold out doing the analysis until we hit 500 respondents.  That seemed to work, because we

Sexual Positions Survey

I’ve received a few requests over the last month to do a survey on favorite positions (with regard to sex and oral sex).  So, I thought we’d do a quick survey to help answer the questions people have.

Premarital sexual activities survey

This survey is in response to a comment I got on our of our previous surveys.  They were wondering how premarital sex affected marital sex.  I asked on our Facebook page if there were any other questions people wanted answered, and this is the survey I

Orgasm difficulties survey results

Sometimes sex just doesn’t quite go the way you were hoping it would.  Orgasm difficulties can include premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and anorgasmia.  I was curious about how often these challenges occur.  We see numbers about erectile dysfunction (ED) all over TV while

Erotic Literature Survey Infographic

Here is an Infographic based on the results of our Erotic Literature Survey (you can still fill it out if you missed it, we’ll use the results in future posts).  I’ll be writing a post giving my thoughts on the subject this week, but thought

Sex During Pregnancy Infographic

A week and a half ago I posted a survey about sex during pregnancy.  Sex is a taboo subject, sex during pregnancy even more so.  Both women and men have questions, false preconceptions and often a fear of reaching out to get advice.  So, I