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Should I be upset if my spouse falls asleep during sex?

So, I got this question yesterday from our anonymous Have A Question page: Last night my husband decided to finish inside me and since I was no where near orgasm at the time, we thought I should be finished with toys. Anyway, my orgasm wasn’t

Delayed Ejaculation

I had intended to write this post last year some time, after our orgasm difficulties survey.  But, I guess I got sidetracked with a bunch of other topics, and it was forgotten until yesterday’s post.  It’s a bit ironic that the post on delayed ejaculation

Christians and Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Here’s a question I received from our anonymous Have a Question page about dealing with erectile dysfunction: Hey Jay! Have you ever dealt with the Christian’s response to medications that are designed to help men with E.D.? I’m into my 60’s now and the equipment

Why do some women shake when they orgasm?

Why do some women shake when they orgasm?

This Wednesday I had asked on Facebook is anyone had any questions about sex and/or marriage, since I hadn’t gotten an anonymous question in a couple of weeks. Then one of my regular readers and participator sent me this question (among others): Why the shakes