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September Kegel/Squat Challenge

Well, summer is nearly over. Here in Canada, this is our last long weekend until Thanksgiving in October, so our family is going camping and while we’re there, my wife is running a Spartan Beast – 21 km (13 mile) obstacle course (her new hobby/obsession).

Is it wrong for Christians to be Circumcised?

A few weeks ago, I received a question through our Have a Question page. Normally I would just answer them in our monthly questions round up, like this one, but this question had so much history to go through and it’s so polarizing in Christian

How do you do kegel exercises?

How do you do kegel exercises?

My regular readers should know by now that we’re doing a 30-day kegel exercise challenge, and today is day 1!  Now, if you want to participate in the group, you should join it on Facebook here. I thought I’d write a quick post about how

Who wants to join a 30 day kegel exercise challenge?

Who wants to join a 30 day kegel exercise challenge?

Do you know what kegel exercises are?  Alright, if you do, you can skip the next paragraph.  If not, listen up. Your kegel muscles are basically your pelvic floor muscles.  They’re heavily involved in anything bathroom or bedroom related (waste expulsion, orgasm, etc.).  Kegel exercises

What do people do about cleanup after sex?

What do people do about cleanup after sex?

Sex can often by a bit of a messy activity.  Between bodily fluids and lube, there’s generally a lot of liquids to deal with after you’re done.  And unfortunately, no one really talks about it, so you don’t really know what to expect, or how

5 ways to stop stress from killing your sex life

5 ways to stop stress from killing your sex life

Stress has a huge impact on our sex lives.  It changes everything from the initial desire to have sex, through to arousal and ultimately the ability to orgasm. For most people, sex negatively impacts all these things.  So, one of my readers wants to know,

Why can’t I be happy with myself

Why can't I be happy with myself-

Friday night, Jay challenged me to say “I’m happy with the progress I’ve made” out loud, to myself.  Would you have a hard time saying that out loud? Even to yourself?  I did. It was incredibly difficult. It took a conversation that lasted a couple

Why do I smell bad (down there) after we’ve had sex?

Why do I smell bad (down there) after we've had sex?

There are many women who suffer from this condition, an unpleasant smell or odour after sex, sometimes for days or even a week afterwards.  Here’s a question about it from one of our readers: I have a question I have wondered about for years. This

Why doesn’t my wife get wet?

Why doesn't my wife get wet?

I get a lot of husbands asking me the question “Why doesn’t my wife get wet?”  I similarly get questions from wives asking why their husband doesn’t believe them when they say they’re enjoying themselves during sex despite not being lubricated. So, here we go.

10 steps to better orgasms for wives

10 steps to improving orgasms for wives

Way back in 2014, someone asked in our Wives’ Orgasm Experiences survey how to have better orgasms for women: Beyond how to achieve orgasm, I’d like to hear from other wives on how they have gotten their orgasms stronger or more complete.  I often feel