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Do you feel like a sexual being, or a sexual object?

Do you feel like a sexual object or a sexual being?

I’m trying to process something I was thinking about on my commute home today.  It has to do with this verse: The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not

How do you stop sinful behaviours? – Part 2

How do you stop sinful behaviours- Part 2

Last week I wrote a post about how to stop sinful behaviours.  In truth, I only gave half the answer. I wrote about recognizing how wretched we are and continuously dying to self.  I focused on that because as Christians, we tend to skip that

How do you stop sinful behaviours?

How do you stop sinful behaviours?

I get a lot of comments and questions from people asking “How do I stop sinful behaviour?” and it’s a difficult question to answer.  Whether you’re trying to quit porn, yelling at your kids, or overeating, it’s really the same issue.  Our sinful nature is

Should I listen to my husband or God?

Should I listen to my husband or God?

This morning I was listening to someone answer this question from one of their readers: What does a wife do when her conviction regarding a spiritual principle is different than her husbands?  For example, I have a conviction that we should be tithing. For a while

There are no salvation issues

There are no salvation issues, there are only relationship issues

Yesterday I mentioned that, when discussing theology, there are no “salvation issues”.  I said I’d elaborate on that today.  It’s common in Christianity to side-step theology conflicts by saying Well, it’s not a salvation issue This usually means This won’t save you or cause you

Do you talk about theology with your spouse?

I’ve been very blessed to have a spouse who believes the same things I do about God.  We even changed denominations together a decade ago.  We both felt convicted that the church we grew up in wasn’t teaching doctrine that was in keeping with the Bible.

6 things that stop people from forgiving

The other day I wrote about how to apologize properly.  The final step in the formula is to ask for forgiveness.  That forgiveness should always be extended, however, if you find yourself unable to offer forgiveness, here are six reasons you may want to examine.

Why you don’t feel God’s presence in your life

People say some interesting things regarding God’s presence.  I’ve heard two different people remark, after participating in the same church service: Wow, God was really present today, that worship service was so uplifting. And You could tell God just wasn’t with us today.  The worship

Your spouse’ sin doesn’t counterbalance yours

Not a week goes by that I don’t see this portrayed in a comment or email from a reader.  Their spouse has committed, or is committing, some sin, and so their response is that they have to do something wrong as well.  Sometimes it’s a retaliation,