SWM023: It’s all about the relationship

Sex Within Marriage Podcast Image for PostsThe Bible uses marriage as a metaphor for God’s relationship with us many times.  I think there’s a good reason for it.  In this podcast episode, I discuss my belief that all the do’s and don’ts, both in marriage, and in the Bible, point to one thing: the relationship.  Not that the rules are unimportant, or are not valuable, but that the underlying relationship is far more so.  In fact, if we focus on the relationship, on our love for the other person, then all the rules, the guidelines, the do’s and don’ts, will happen all on their own.

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2 thoughts on “SWM023: It’s all about the relationship”

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    Many Christians that I know will disagree. Many Christian marriages that basically have a good relationship but have a sex starved marriage. Just check out the forums at The Marriage Bed.

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