How many husbands actually like giving oral sex?

Jay Dee

How many husbands actually like giving oral sex?

Apr 05, 2016

Last week, I posted an anonymous question where someone asked how many wives actually like giving oral sex.  In the comments, people wanted to know how many husbands actually like giving oral sex.  So, I guess this isn’t technically considered an anonymous question, but more

Anonymous QuestionLast week, I posted an anonymous question where someone asked how many wives actually like giving oral sex.  In the comments, people wanted to know how many husbands actually like giving oral sex.  So, I guess this isn’t technically considered an anonymous question, but more a Part 2.

So, I’m going to rely on the same survey data as last time to answer this question.

So, we had 183 husbands fill out the survey.  Out of those husbands, 154 said that they, in fact, enjoy giving oral sex to their wives.  that’s 84% (compared to 63% of wives).

So, for the reader who commented “I think that if you found a lot of enthusiastic male OS givers, you would close to 90% enthusiastic female OS givers.  Double standard for far too long.” – I’m sorry to burst your bubble.  Looks like the men are generally quite enthusiastic.  In fact, only 2% of husbands said they could “take it or leave it”.

I should also mention that of those left (the 14%), only 1% said they didn’t like to give oral sex.  The rest didn’t participate in oral sex, and unanimously they answered that the reason was that their wife wasn’t interested in receiving it.

So, if we exclude them, then we get a nice round number of 95% of husbands who have the opportunity to give oral sex, like to do so.  If there is a double standard, I’m afraid the guys are getting the short end of it.

So, let me leave you with some of the comments men made about giving oral sex in the survey:

  • I absolutely LOVE giving my wife oral. I am enraptured by her body and cannot get enough of kissing, nibbling, licking, and sucking every part of her.
  • Awesome, ain’t it?
  • My wife doesn’t give oral sex to me, I do give to her. I would love it, she will not give it.
  • It took several years before my wife was comfortable with giving oral sex. I have always enjoyed giving and receiving.
  • I get almost as much pleausre out of it as she does. If I could orgams giving her oral, I would get as much pleasure. I like the taste, odor and feel of it. If she feels she needs to shower, I ask her to do it a couple of hours in advance of our making love so the taste and odor are all her and have a chance to bounce back from being washed away. When I am performing oral, I am making love to her vulva; to all of the parts of her body above her knees and below her waist. It never lasts less than 20 minutes, often 30 or better.
  • My wife is still unable to orgasm from OS… but I think we’re getting closer… One day… 🙂
  • My wife used to give oral sex then shortly after we got got married she said i don’t have to do that any more we’re married now. I still give it to her but she just won’t do it.
  • Oral sex is such a pleasurable experience for both my spouse and I.
    We find it very intimate.
  • I do it for my wife 80-90% of the time. She does it for me about 5-10% of the time. I’ve asked if there’s a reason why and she simply says it hurts her jaws after a few minutes.
  • Oral is only ever me to my wife. She has never tried
  • My wife tried to be on the receiving end of oral sex, but she really didn’t like it very much. She much prefers to give it instead which is fine with me, but it does make me feel bad that I can’t return the pleasure, we’ve talked about this and she says she gets a lot out of giving it to me.
  • Oral sex was always a large part of our lovemaking. I’m not sure why things have changed and I have been unable to bring it up. We only have sex maybe twice a month anymore.. I will give her oral sex to climax about every other month, I would do it every time, if I could because I love making her happy and I love her taste…
    For the last 4 years or so, she would give me oral sex maybe on my birthday or on fathers day… but the last year those dates have been missed.. It was such an enjoyable and important part of our lovemaking that I miss so much..
  • I perform it for her on occasion. She sometimes climaxes that way. She won’t do me. “Doesn’t like it.”
  • Unfortunately, my wife hates the smell of her own juices, so me performing oral sex on her is rare, because she won’t kiss me afterwards.
  • I would give her oral more if she desired it.
  • she will rarely allow it. by rarely- I mean less than 5 times in 20 years.
  • I love to perform oral on my wife and tease her, drive her crazy. She apparently doesn’t mind either. I could spend hours going down on her. Just last week she had 2 O’s – a first for her! Her smell and arousal fluids drive me crazy. I have never seen a more beautiful thing than my wife’s special place.
  • Can’t answer the last question as my wife does not perform oral sex on me (Note: He answered that he enjoys giving it to her though)
  • My wife does not like receiving. But I love giving when she lets me.
  • I dont get it but want to . I do give it and liek it and so does she
  • Wife receives does not give
  • We did it before the wedding while engaged – on each other, multiple times per week. She always swallowed. After the wedding it stopped for a decade. Only this year has she opened up to oral on me … Still working to have her let me do oral on.her again. Soon I hope!
  • I love both kinds of oral sex; my spouse is lukewarm on both.

I guess you can tell what my stance on this supposed “double standard” is.  In short, the men seem to love giving oral sex, even when they aren’t getting it in return.  It’s mostly the wives that seem to be stopping them.  At least, in my readership, it seems to be that way.  Perhaps it’s different “in the real world”.

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