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Covert contracts – expectations in marriage

In marriage many arguments and hurt feelings are based on expectations.  These expectations can come from a variety of sources and can present in a variety of forms.  Expectations aren’t necessarily bad, but unspoken expectations are dangerous, particularly when you believe there is an agreement

International Female Orgasm Day – August 8

Today (August the 8th) is International Female Orgasm Day! In case you haven’t heard of it, International Female Orgasm Day (or International Day of the Female Orgasm, depending on the translation) is a holiday started in Brazil to raise awareness of female sexuality.  The intention

What would you trade for a better sex life?

The secular, evolutionist, world likes to tells that marriage fulfills a societal need of resource distribution.  Women have what men want (sex), and men have what women want (resources and protection).  Now, this is a gross generalization of course, even if we disregard the quarter to

Should Christians Mix Alcohol and Sex?

A couple of days ago, I was asked this question through our anonymous Have A Question? page.    This couple was considering adding alcohol to their bedroom activities, and asked what the pros and cons might be.  Now, I should disclose and say that I’m one

Want more sex? Go to bed naked!

One thing my wife started doing when we were trying to improve our sex life was to start to go to bed naked.  Now, she doesn’t actually like to sleep naked, she gets weird dreams, or is too cold, but between taking her clothes that

How to talk to a refuser

The other day on our way home from a Christmas party we were talking and Jay was telling me he doesn’t know what to say or how to answer people’s comments and emails when they say that they are being refused and are hurting. This

When Is The Best Time To Talk About Sex With Your Spouse?

In Christianity, we spend a lot of time talking about when is the right time to talk about sex with your kids or sexual boundaries with a boyfriend/girlfriend, but usually the question “When is the best time to talk about sex with your spouse?” is

Does having kids ruin your sex life?

It’s a fairly common belief: the idea that kids ruin your sex life.  We see it in movies, in TV shows.  It’s so pervasive that it’s become almost accepted as truth.  In fact, there are couples who decide not to have kids, because of this

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