SWM008: Dealing with Christmas in Marriage

Sex Within Marriage Podcast Image for PostsWell, Christmas is nearly upon us, and every Christmas I know there is a lot of stress and anxiety as well as sometimes difficult living arrangements during the holidays, with family over, or you over at family, so this week we’re going to talk about dealing with Christmas in a marriage.

Show Notes

Christmas comes with a lot of challenges all bundled together

  • Schedules are all thrown off
  • Kids are excited and a little crazy
  • Stress is high
  • Living conditions may not be ideal (visitors or visiting)
  • Bad food and late nights make you feel just “off”

Because of all this and more, during Christmas and the holidays, time for intimacy, including sex, can be pushed to the backburner, just when you need it most.  Because sex helps:

  • Raise oxytocin levels letting you feel loved
  • Raise dopamine, letting you feel accomplished
  • Increases endorphins which help improve your mood and decrease stress
  • Endorphins also help boost your immune system, which you’ll need with all the stress, late nights and junk food compromising your system
  • For women, more sex increases estrogen levels, which makes your skin look nicer, gives you that healthy “glow”, which you know you want when all your family is in from out of town who only see you a couple of times a year
  • Sex, in men in particular, increases life span.  Multiple studies show that more orgasms reduce mortality rate, which we all want when thinking of another year passing us by during this season.

So, counteract the Christmas stress with some awesome Christmas sex!

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2 thoughts on “SWM008: Dealing with Christmas in Marriage”

  1. Anonymous says:

    For some, such as my wife, sex is stressful (it is one more thing on a do list). Sex only adds stress (since she cannot orgasm, she does not benefit from having sex) to already stressful time of year. To help, I give her the gift no sex. I do not approach her about having sex until after January 1st.

  2. El Fury says:

    It’s worth mentioning that many of the stresses of Christmas are things we impose on ourselves! For example, my wife and I have decided that we’re never sending Christmas cards again, because tracking them, writing them, mailing them, etc. was too much of a hassle. If you simplify your Christmas, your marriage will thank you!

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