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Is it okay to tease other people?

Is it okay to tease other people?

I received this question the other day from our Have A Question page regarding turning on someone else other than your spouse: My wife and I have been married for 12 year’s,I have realized that I enjoy my wife wearing top’s that she can expose

Putting the kids first will destroy your marriage

Putting the kids first will destroy your marriage

I get a fair number of emails where one spouse is putting the kids first in the marriage.  Most often it’s the wife, but I have had a few emails from wives where it’s the other way around. Putting the kids first can show itself in a

How to respond to an apology

I wrote a few posts about apologizing lately and realized it didn’t yet write one about how to respond to an apology.  So, how do you answer someone who said they’re sorry?

6 things that stop people from forgiving

The other day I wrote about how to apologize properly.  The final step in the formula is to ask for forgiveness.  That forgiveness should always be extended, however, if you find yourself unable to offer forgiveness, here are six reasons you may want to examine.

I’m sorry isn’t good enough

If you have a healthy marriage, then you’ll end up saying “I’m sorry” many times.  The problem is that saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it.  If you want to see extra growth in your marriage, you’re going to have to take it to the next level.

13 ways to be more present during sex

Yesterday I wrote against using fantasy while having sex.   In it I promised that I’d write a post on how to be more mindful during sex.  Here are thirteen ways that you can be more present during sex.  I hope it will help you adjust

Is it okay to fantasize about your spouse?

Last week I wrote a post about how fantasizing can be detrimental.  In the comments, MaBeck asked this question: Ok, so what about if I fantasize about me and my husband, is that ok? For some reason, if I fantasize about us having sex in public, I

Fantasy has a different context than reality

Often people are confused about how their brain works.  In this case, how it works in real life situations compared to when they are fantasizing.  Using fantasy, whether it be erotic stories, porn, or just a daydream, they can get all aroused easily.  They orgasm

How to stop looking at other women

There seems to be a big struggle, with men in particular, around looking at other women.  I don’t just mean porn, but just walking down the street, in the store, or anywhere else.  Of course, some women struggle with this as well, but I’ll be

Are you missing out in your spouse’s bids?

I don’t hear the word “bid” much anymore.  I feel like I hear it a lot more when growing up.  It seems to have fallen into disuse.  Today I’m going to use it, because I don’t know a better word to use. A bid is