SWM019: How long does a sexual awakening take?

Sex Within Marriage Podcast Image for PostsSexual awakenings are a point where a low-drive, gatekeeper or refusing spouse suddenly realizes that sex is important to the marriage, and that their behaviour needs to change.  However, just because there is often a single instant where this realization becomes clear, it can take time, sometimes years or decades, to actually change their behaviour.

  • Sexual awakenings are often triggered by something external, a blog post, a podcast episode, a book, course, or conversation
  • However, patterns of behavior, like saying “no”, avoiding sex, limiting activities, those can take a long time to change
  • Focus on “progress, not perfection”
  • It doesn’t need to be instant, it just needs to be in the right direction
  • At least momentum is being built in the right direction, but it can take a long time to shed all the moment in the opposite direction

37 Questions for spouses to ask each other about sex

37 sex questions for spouses to ask each other

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