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Recapture that “honeymoon” feeling
Are you a Christian wife who struggles to be sexually engaged in your marriage?

This course will help by

Breaking down your unhealthy mental barriers about sex
Learning about your husband’s desire for you
Help you be more willing to accept him, and yourself, as sexual beings

If you have a desire to become more sexually engaged, but are not quite sure how to start, this is the course for you.



Recapture that “honeymoon” feeling
Are you a Christian wife who struggles to be sexually engaged in your marriage?

This course will help by

Breaking down your unhealthy mental barriers about sex
Learning about your husband’s desire for you
Help you be more willing to accept him, and yourself, as sexual beings

If you have a desire to become more sexually engaged, but are not quite sure how to start, this is the course for you.

This course is currently unavailable as we update it with new information, research from surveys, and move it to a new platform that’s easier to use.  Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when it launches as we’ll be looking for wives to be a part of the pilot program.

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13 reviews for Becoming more sexually engaged – For Christian Wives

  1. NN

    Having being married for 8 years, one would think that our marriage is still on ‘honeymoon stage’. Life has taught me that in marriage, one never ‘arrives’, hence I was glad when I was given the opportunity to be part of the course ‘Becoming more sexually engaged for Christian wives’.

    With the birth of my 2 children and raising them, it is easy to fall out of love with your spouse. The course helped me get that ‘spark’ back in my marriage again. I learnt about things that were important to my husband and the great thing was that the views were from a male perspective. It is amazing how my husband sees the change in our sex life and for me, I would always want to see him this happy all the days of our lives.

    At times we wives think we ‘know it all’ and end up treating our husbands like children. I have learnt how to communicate and get out of my comfort zone when it comes to loving my husband sexually. Not only that, but also how important sex is to my husband, how he connects with me through sex.

    Even though I did the course, I will continue going back to the modules to re-read them as the material has really been eye opening and the contents are applicable in my daily life.

    I wouldn’t mind one for the men also;-)


  2. Heather (verified owner)

    When I first started this course I was struggling with even wanting to be with my husband sexually. He had confessed viewing pornography for a long time and it was hard for me to be engaged in being intimate with him. Although this course has nothing to do with pornography recovery what it did for me was transform my thinking and transform more than just the intimate parts of my marriage. It took me through the process of understanding what normal is and that things I was blaming on his sin where indeed normal behavior for most men. The course included challenges in each unit and I enjoyed trying each of them. This course transformed my marriage. Not just in the sexual intimacy it change a lot of other areas too. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to have a deeper relationship with your husband. Thank you Jay for writing it.

  3. lindawdale (verified owner)

    My husband and I just celebrated our 27th year of marriage. 4 kids later…2 of which have gone on to graduate college and the others currently attending college…you know there have been MANY things to give our attention to other than our marriage. Now that we are “empty nesters” my husband and I had to go back and remember why we were together in the first place! See, we didn’t get it, the Bible tells us to love God, then spouse, then kids etc. I came to realize that I needed a sexual “awakening!” This course gave me such insight and helped me understand that God created sex to keep us connected and share that closeness that we had at one time but seemed to lose along the way. The way most everything was backed up with scripture was so enlighten. I was also able to get more insight as to why my husband wanted this closeness and also understand maybe why I wasn’t giving him the intimacy that he desired. I would say this course was very instrumental in giving this old girl her “groove back”. 🙂 My husband is pretty happy about it too!

  4. Jay Dee (verified owner)

    Maidservants of Christ wrote an excellent review over on their site. If you want more information, you can read it here:

  5. T (verified owner)

    My wife and I just completed reading this course together. It was very helpful for us. We have been married for 35+ years now. We have 4 grown children who are all out of the house now so we are empty nesters. There were things in our past that we just never dealt with that this course got us to talk about. We were headed down a path of rejecting each other. We are now starting to communicate about the past and are trying to get over it.

    Another course that my wife took is at – it was very helpful as well.

    My wife told me that these 2 Bible studies offer down to earth practical things that apply to real life. Other marriage seminars and Bible studies we have attended have been very generic and have not been all that helpful.

  6. Jane

    My husband and I have been married for 9 years and it’s been great. We’ve had good, frequent sex but this course was for me so I could find out how to engage myself in ‘his’ sex, sex I never denied him but often felt was a duty. I have learnt that sex is more than just something my husband wants and doesn’t need to be a duty. We’ve been having some really great sex since. Really good course and would recommend.

  7. Alicen (verified owner)

    My husband and I have been married for 7 years with 2 kids and throughout the span of our marriage I have been a gate keeper – continually saying no to sex because I was tired or didn’t feel like it. Sex honestly felt like a chore. I did notice my husband feeling sad but he wouldn’t talk about it. He then sent me the email he had gotten from Jay about this course. I decided to do it because I did feel terrible that I said no all the time and I hoped something could change. Little did I know how much the things Jay explained and pointed out would change how I looked at sex. There are so many things that, as wives, we don’t realize about our husbands. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the truth is that our husbands aren’t just “I want sex.” They are “I want to connect with you.” And that realization really started to change my perspective. I feel much more confident in myself and our sex life knowing the things I know now. I HIGHLY recommend this course if you as a wife tend to say no a lot or are even put off by sex. Jay has an extremely gentle approach to tackling the issues around sex that we have in our marriages.

  8. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I have been married for 20 years and have spent the last 13 raising children. It’s so easy to put them first and forget about the other person that craves your attention. I strive to keep sex a priority, but I struggle at it, too. Jay’s class showed me why it’s important to keep up the good fight and engage more sexually with my husband. Jay understands the struggles wives have with balancing family duties, exhaustion, body image issues, and other barriers to intimacy. He leads on a gentle path towards reconciliation and mutual fulfillment.

  9. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Being married for 19 years and having 3 children, our intimacy was falling to the bottom of our, or I should say my, priority list. My husband was always willing and I was always exhausted. Being exhausted became a habit and one I couldn’t figure out how to break. Add that to always being told that sex was sin (growing up), I was at a loss of how to help overcome and fix this hole in our marriage.
    Several months ago, I started listening to Jay’s podcast which led me to this course. The timing and content couldn’t have been more perfect. He gave Biblical insight that answered so many of my questions, motivating challenges and all around practical solutions. In a world where commitment to marriage is hardly honored, it is so important that we do the things that keep our relationship strong, inspired, and steadfast. This course has already prompted my husband and I to reconnect on many levels. I am grateful!

  10. Suzanne Corry (verified owner)

    This course has changed the trajectory of our marriage. In the past 3 years, we have walked through the valley of death when our 25 year old son died of opioid addiction. Soon after, our marriage came under attack and our faith was put to the test! We fought for our marriage and with humility, prayer and forgiveness, the Lord honored our commitment to Him and to each other. On a positive note, our oldest daughter is getting married in 2 months and our youngest daughter has begun her Freshman year at College. All that to say, my husband and I are officially empty-nesters AND we have survived some stressful and traumatic times. Investing in our marriage through the BMSE course, as well as marriage counseling over the past 3 years, has taught us both so much about each other and our God given purpose as husband and wife! As I hear other empty-nester couples express their concerns regarding intimacy in their marriages, in this new season of life, I now feel equipped to share what I have learned through Jay Dee’s course. I have already recommended it to one of my friends.
    Thank you Jay Dee for your ministry!!

  11. Rebekah (verified owner)

    We’ve been married 14 years and 3 kids. After some struggle we started seeing a therapist and committed to laying a new foundation for future years. Part of that recently has been a focus on growing in greater intimacy (including sex). This course reminded me of so much ground we’ve covered and improved in our marriage. I wish I would have had/used many of these resources before/early in marriage. What I loved about this course… the forum! It’s a place to ask questions you can’t ask in many circles and see what others are learning/struggling with and help each other! I also really liked the challenges and even though many were not a struggle to do, they prioritized sex and intimacy and our relationship is stronger for having placed importance there! Thanks for this resource and site. I would recommend the course and should be required for those new to marriage!

  12. Faith (verified owner)

    My husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary last year. We have had some big challenges over the years and this website was found when we really needed help in changing our focus in our marriage and growing together! I enjoyed taking this course as it helped remind me of things that I have been learning and growing in. The sharing and honesty in group discussion was encouraging even when I wasn’t feeling super chatty. I especially appreciated the extra ideas for ways of connecting as husband and wife. Thank you Jay (and Christina) for making this a safe place to encourage and be encouraged to live an ever deepening sexually fulfilled healthy marriage! I highly recommend this course specifically and this website too!

  13. Renae

    I took this course very hesitantly, but it gave me a new perspective on God’s intended design for our intimacy in marriage.

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