SWM018: Judaism had it right all along

Sex Within Marriage Podcast Image for PostsLet’s face it, Christianity is not the perfect religion we like to make it out to be.  At least, not the way we imperfect humans play it out in our lives.  And one area of life that we’ve really made a mess of over the centuries is sexuality.  In this facet of life, Judaism seems to have gotten it right, and I think we should have paid more attention to them.

The Bible is clear

  • Our bodies are good
  • Our spirits are of God
  • Together, our body and the spirit of God makes a soul
  • Separate, we don’t exist

Greek and Roman mythology influenced Christianity and taught that:

  • The body is sinful
  • The spirit is good
  • Sex, being a bodily function, is not spiritual and thus sinful

Christianity ran with this false teaching

  • We outlawed sex on all but 44 days of the year
  • Sex on Sunday was a sin
  • When sex was permitted, it was only for procreation
  • Sex was considered a necessary evil
  • Some believed that the “original sin” of Adam and Eve was that they had sex

Meanwhile Judaism

  • Made rules and laws promoting healthy sexuality
  • Taught a sex-positive view of marriage
  • Taught that it was a blessing and a good dead to have sex on the Sabbath
  • Taught that sex should be pleasurable to both the husband and the wife
  • Sometimes they got overzealous (if you want to conceive a boy, the Rabbis taught you must insure the wife orgasms before the husband), but their intention was good

So, what can we do?

  • Stop teaching that it’s a sin, but rather that context is what defines the sin or not
  • Stop teaching that it’s dirty, naughty, or bad
  • Teach that this is something that God made, and that is good, when used appropriately
  • Be willing to pray about sex. If you can’t talk to God about it, you won’t be able to talk to others effectively
  • Start being more willing to discuss sex with other Christians

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