SWM017: 8 Things I don’t want to admit as a Christian Marriage Podcaster

Sex Within Marriage Podcast Image for PostsA few years ago, I wrote a post called 16 Confessions of a Marriage Sex Blogger.  In it I shared a bunch of things that I thought might be interesting to people, to sort of help my community get to know me a bit more.  Today I’m going to take a slightly different direction and share with you 8 things that I don’t want to admit as a Christian Marriage Podcaster.  While these might help you get to know me more, I’m also wanting to show you how to be transparent, to show you that it’s okay to share potentially embarrassing things.  If I can share these with you, then surely you can share even deeper things with your spouse.  So, here we go.

  1. My marriage isn’t perfect
  2. My ministry benefits me more than anyone else
  3. I write and podcast anonymously because I’m scared
  4. I’m more than a little weird/unique, and so is my family
  5. I’m still scared to initiate sex, and more than a little
  6. I take my relationship with God for granted
  7. I feel I have to fight pride daily, in a very real way
  8. I care more about the truth than about people

Oh, and a bonus one.

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