SWM016: What being the head of the household means to me

Sex Within Marriage Podcast Image for PostsThese days, standing up and saying that your the head of your household can be a bit dangerous for men.  With gender equality so strong in our society, the idea of gender roles is often scoffed at,  looked own upon.  I’ve heard many people say that patriarchy is just an excuse for men to do what they want, when they want.  I don’t see it that way.  Here’s what being the head of the household means to me.

Authority vs. Responsibility

  • As the head of the household, I have ultimate authority within the family.
  • That means I have ultimate responsibility as well.
  • Being the head of a household is about leadership, but also about service.
  • Too often we focus on one or the other too much.  That’s when we get into trouble.

For many women, having their husband lead is frightening

  • Some don’t understand that women are called to support, to follow, not from a place of weakness, but from a place of power
  • Jesus came to serve, to submit, yet no one things He’s weak, or a doormat
  • Just as a wife submits to her husband, her husband submits to God
  • Men would be wise to listen to their wife’s advice, which is not the same as blindly following it

For many men, being a leader is frightening

  • Being the leader means you get to stick your neck out first
  • It means you get to try the new things, even the dangerous ones
  • It means that you will be remembered as the one who lead…either wisely or foolishly
  • It means that your children will follow you, for good or for bad

Living out this dynamic makes for a happier marriage

  • Sexual frequency increases
  • Intimacy increases
  • Peace increases
  • There is clear direction
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