SWM 100 – My daughter’s speech – The crisis of my generation – transgenderism

This is episode 100, and I wanted to do something a little different for our one-hundredth episode, and I was struggling to figure out what that should be.  Then an opportunity presented itself.  You see, my children are in 4H, and if you don’t know what 4H is, many people describe it as “scouts for farm kids.”  

That’s not quite accurate, as we have some kids from the city in our club as well, but a lot of the projects tend to involve farm animals of some sort, and so farm kids naturally gravitate towards those.  But we also do things like archery.  In general, you can choose what you want to be involved in. However, there is one project that all 4H members must complete each year – writing and delivering a speech.

You have to deliver your speech in front of your club – about 40 kids and their parents, and often grandparents.  If you place 1st or second in your age category, you go on to deliver your speech at the district level and do it again in front of twice as many people.  If you win there, you go on again to the next level.

It’s a fun day, and the members, that is, the children, teens and young adults, often spend weeks or months preparing for it, writing, editing, practicing, and sometimes memorizing their speeches.  Some are secretive about it, not wanting to give any hints to anyone about what they feel is a winning speech.  Others will often recite it to anyone who happens to be within earshot at any given time.  Our club is competitive regarding speeches but in a friendly way.  There is lots of laughing and joking and encouragement and praise from the other kids when it’s done.

Today I want to share with your my eldest daughter’s speech.  Because this is our first year in 4H, this is the first speech she’s ever written at 16 years old, and she delivered it at our local club against many others who had been doing speeches annually for years.  

The external judges our club brought to officiate decided to kill her chances of winning because of the topic.  They placed her 4th out of 4, and everyone in the club was shocked and confused, including the 2nd and 3rd place winners who stepped down so that my daughter could go on to districts in their place.

Now, she anticipated a similar thing happening at the next level.  So, she decided to tweak her speech – not to win, but to have a bigger impact.  At districts, she placed 3rd out of 8, with one of the two judges later telling her that she had scored her speech as the highest score and believed it should have been first, and again, many people came up to her afterwards telling her how great they thought it was and how important the message is to get out.

So, I made her an offer – if she recorded her speech, I would publish it on my podcast as my 100th episode.  Instead of only reaching the approximately 150 people who had heard it, I figured I could put it in front of thousands of people.

If you like it and think it would help others, share it.  If you want to give her encouragement, leave a comment on the blog post, or email me and I’ll relay it.  If you want to hear more about her journey, let me know.  She said she would be willing to share more of it if it will help people.

Without further ado, here’s her speech.

“Mom, dad I don’t feel like a girl at all, I’m a boy. I want a new name” Those are words I hope you never have to hear. Unfortunately in today’s society where kids are encouraged in this line of thinking you just might.

Hello ladies and gentleman.

There are many statistics and numbers that I could pull for you all, the rates of homelessness and depression for these children, how there are now far more trans kids than in any previous generation. But statistics are harder to remember and don’t make for as good of a speech. Instead I have found story’s and instances and anecdotes, things I hope will stick with you after today.

Like the BC children’s hospital. It has a gender clinic where they clearly advertise they will give puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children. In fact they do not accept referrals from patients after their 17th birthday, maybe that was obvious given its a children’s hospital, but i found it surprising and disturbing.

There is also this strange new phenomenon where parents are deciding to raise their kids without a gender, they call their babies theybies as in a baby who uses they/them pronouns. They have decided to let their kid pick whether they are a boy or a girl when they are “old enough”. These parents are actively attempting to divorce the relationship between body and brain.

Maybe you think that’s all well and good, not for you and your kids but others can parent however they want. As long as it does not encroach on your parenting. Well that is not the case anymore.

Global news wrote an article about a supreme court case  in BC, where the father of a 15yr old girl opposed his daughter transitioning to appear as a boy.

He lost the case, his daughter has been living socially as a boy since she was 11 and has been “exploring transition treatment” since 13. 

The court decided that his daughter did not need his consent and was mature enough to make these decisions. A 15 yr old kid was given permission to take synthetic hormones against her parents wishes. something she obviously cannot understand the consequences of.

There are also cases of schools keeping a child’s gender identity secret from parents. Allowing the child to go by a new name and use new pronouns at school without parents knowing. 

The “greater Essex county district school board”. Located in Windsor, Ontario has a policy for transgender youth. 

In section 2 labeled privacy it states, “There may be circumstances in which this student seeking accommodations is not open about their gender identity at home. A school should never disclose a students gender identity, chosen name, and/or pronouns to the students parents/guardians without the students explicit prior consent. When contacting home, the student should be consulted first to determine an appropriate way to reference the student’s gender identity, chosen name, and/or pronouns.

This is true regardless of the age of the student”

Parents are being left in the dark when it comes to their child’s struggles and life. This is one of the ways that they discourage good parent-child relationships, children are being encouraged to leave what is supposed to be their best support system, their parents and family.

Any schools within this district will go behind parents’ backs and call a student by a new name and pronouns without ever informing the parents. As long as the student wishes to keep it a secret they will go along.

If you go onto social media, especially tik tok there are many, many trans influencers who actively encourage kids to “explore their gender identity” and when these kids inevitably end up confused and miserable the are instructed to not tell their parents, instead they are giving instruction on how to get things like chest binders and go by a new name without their parent ever knowing. 

I was one such victim, and they are incredibly persuasive. When a confused child is looking for anything to hang onto, strangers on the internet suddenly feel like the most trustworthy people ever. Especially when they tell you they know what you’re going through and they know how to fix all your problems. Everything they say is the solution and parents are known as the enemies unless they let you do whatever you want. Everything they tell children leads to the child trusting their parents less and less.

Episode 100.  My daughter's speech: The crisis of my generation - transgenderism.

These people and policies and court cases eventually lead to the same thing: a rejection of reality for the child, and if you as the parent don’t agree, well then a ruining of child and parent relationship is in store. Children are being taught to lie to their parents and do things without them knowing. 

Of course kids have their rebellious phases but that phase has never before included permanently destroying their body under the guise of mental health. They are trusting the school and government with their issues more than their own parents. Often the parents don’t even know their kid is struggling, until one day it is all sprung on them and if they don’t go along they are threatened with court.

I’d love to tell you more about how to prevent or fix this problem in our culture and youth ,or how to make sure it never comes to your house. But I am unfortunately running out of time. I hope I have adequately explained the danger our youngest generations are in, and you all know a little more about this crisis in our youth.

I thank you for your time.

P.S. She did a part 2 of her speech the next year, and you can read it here.

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