Do men like having their balls played with?

Jay Dee

Do men like having their balls played with?

Oct 12, 2016

Sorry if the title’s a bit crude.  Couldn’t find anything that fit better.  I’ve received a bunch of questions over the years about testicles.  Here’s the most recent one: Do most men like having their balls played with? My husband and I are recently married

do-men-like-having-their-balls-played-with-300Sorry if the title’s a bit crude.  Couldn’t find anything that fit better.  I’ve received a bunch of questions over the years about testicles.  Here’s the most recent one:

Do most men like having their balls played with? My husband and I are recently married and I would love to surprise him and incorporate this into our sex life, but I have heard that men’s balls are pretty sensitivity so I am a little reluctant. What are your thoughts on this topic?

I have absolutely no statistics on this I’m afraid.  So, let’s do a quick poll to find out:

web polls

Regardless of what the poll comes up with though, your husband is the one that matters. Ask him if he likes to have them played with, or if he’d be interested in exploring that.  Then explore, gently.

Because yes, they are sensitive to certain types of touch, and that’s probably going to be different for every guy.  Set some time aside, and have yourselves a sex-lab session.  Just some time where the only expectation is exploration.  It it goes really badly, well, now you know.  If it goes well, then great!

If you want to surprise him though, just start out gently and go from there using the tips below.

General guidelines for ball play

Here are some general guidelines though.

  1. Light touches are generally preferred.  Most men (though not all) don’t like being “hit” there.  It feels a bit like having your guts ripped through your belly button.  But, soft, gentle strokes can feel great.
  2. Light pressure can feel okay.  A lot of pressure starts to get into that gut ripping feeling.
  3. Wet feels much better than dry.  Put some coconut oil on your fingers, or your own wetness, or use your tongue.  Whatever you prefer.

Hope that helps.

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31 thoughts on “Do men like having their balls played with?”

  1. Jeremy says:

    I’m probably going to be in the minority, but I really don’t enjoy it much, even when my wife is gentle as it just doesn’t feel good to me. But every man is different so as you said, try it and see what he says…

    1. Libl says:

      Mine doesn’t either. He is also one of the minority of men who don’t like oral sex (giving and receiving). ,

      1. Jeff MCray says:

        I Am so sorry!

      2. Brad says:

        I love it when my wife fondels my balls while i masturbate. She enjoys doing it &loves watching me.all the way to finsh.somtimes she ask me do you need to se this pointing to her self then turn & masturbate her self while i watch

  2. MaBeck says:

    Okay, so I opened my email to see this title and LAUGHED SO HARD! what a title! haha. Ok, on a serious note, when my hubby and I are in bed, I gently caress them because not only does he like, but I find it stress relieving for myself. We call them stress balls. tmi? hey, you asked for it! PS-the area around them and behind them are actually what he prefers most.

    1. Austin Reason says:

      Hahaha! YOU laughed at the title? I read “stress balls” and now I’M dyin! I love it!

      If there’s something that can work that well for both of you, I think you’ve found a great thing.

      1. Abdul hameed says:

        I love when my balls are touched by my wife and started squeezing it gently.
        It’s soo funny that my balls are grabbed by my wife

    2. Maria Rubinstein says:

      That’s so funny! I find playing with my husband’s balls is a stress reliever for me and he loves it. I also told him that it’s probably where stress balls come from, lol.

  3. Jim says:

    It’s just awesome! That’s all. Nothing else to say.

  4. Kay says:

    Okay, after my hubby and I got married, I was shocked by how often my husband had his hands down his pants. It was constant! I finally asked about it and he admitted he was playing with his balls but it really wasn’t sexual; it just feels nice and is soothing to him. So there’s that. This doesn’t happen as much now, but we have two things we didn’t back then: children and smart phones.

    He does like them played with during oral sex especially, and he was delighted the first time I figured out how to do that during sex in certain positions. I guess I didn’t realize that he likes them kind of rough in comparison to what you are describing here. He likes them pulled. Not the actual ball itself but the skin. He basically says–with the exception of a quick yank–I can’t really pull too hard. So I am definitely going to agree with what you said above, that it doesn’t matter what OTHER men like; you have to find out what your man likes. I am guessing some men might cringe at what I am describing, ha. But he’s been pulling on them his whole life, apparently, so that’s what works for him!

    1. Eric says:

      RE: hands down the pants. I really don’t do that to a large extent, but sometimes I catch myself fondling myself watching TV after a shower! Just relaxing in a pair of loose shorts before bedtime, totally unaware of what I’m doing. (Empty nesting is nice!) I agree with it not being really sexual.

      I also like standing in a nice warm shower just cupping myself. Like you stated, feels nice and soothing.

      Hmmmm, guys-what you gonna do with us?

    2. Anonymous says:

      My husband likes his balls licked which sucking his penis during oral sex. I would prefer he shaves his balls regularly though.

  5. Art says:

    I love for my wife to play with my balls. She can stroke them, caress them, while I masturbate for her, feel them, lick them, whatever she wants to do when we are together.

    I do agree with that “gut ripped” comment earlier, but a nice tug isn’t out of the question.

    I do pull on the sack when I first take my underwear off to stretch them out and air them out. Kinda like when women first take their bra off and feel/play with their breasts.

  6. Keelie Reason says:

    Definitely want to ask your husband to be the guide on this one. I think a lot of men like to have their balls touched by the wife. It would be a great thing to try out.

  7. Northern Exposure says:

    No doubt about it. It makes for great foreplay to have your balls rubbed and handled, and it makes for much more intense sex. My ex-wife had mastered this technique by combining oral sucking with shaft stroking and testicle fondling. I could last no more than 3-5 minutes when she put that perfect combo together.

    I’ll also add this. For me, if I’m in the midst of any sexual position, having my wife rubbing or fondling my balls while I’m pumping away will double the intensity when I cum.

    Not for everyone but for me it’s unparalleled as far as intensity.

  8. Kevin Grant says:

    My wife doesn’t, so I don’t know. I don’t think I’d like it. They’ve never been a focus for me. I had another woman playing with them a couple of times, no matter how she touched them it just tickled explosively (if you can get your head around that), so no, that wasn’t at all helpful in our sex life at all.

    I don’t think you need to have a serious discussion and examination session. Just reach down and touch them, cup them in your hands, stroke them, and see how he reacts. If its not good, you’ll know.

  9. TC says:

    Light touch is definitely the best for me, and as was mentioned above especially the area directly behind the sack . When I say light,think more like just brushing the hairs, than massaging. It doesn’t make any difference s far as speed of orgasm or anything, but it does feel great!

  10. Mark says:

    Love mine “Cupped” when my wife is stroking or sucking my dick. The warmness and gentleness of her hand really does it for me. To rough with them though has the opposite effect…

  11. Mark says:

    Also my wife has learned when I’m getting close to cumming, she will wrap her finger and thumb in a ring around the top of my sack and lightly pull down as she “edges” me….this helps to extend my orgasm, preventing my cum from filling my shaft….she holds and lightly tugs down like this for up to a minute or so before finally releasing my sperm to shoot through my shaft and out onto her red painted finger nails 🙂

  12. Eric says:

    Big YES! here. I won’t get too descriptive (as others here have in my opinion), but cupping and light touching with the tips of her fingers are two of my favorites. Not a big fan of tugging. Anything oral is out for me, which is a shame because I would like to know what oral/testicle play would feel like. There has been a time or two that she has used coconut oil on me during a hand job and has breached the ‘gut ripping’ threshold! But for the most part what she does is pleasurable. I just wish our manual playtime was more even rather than 10% to me, 90% to her. I really like long, extended foreplay, and I get that very rarely.

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  15. AC says:

    I love when my wife touch my balls. She once did something with my balls that i will never forget. It was during oralsex. She started to suck on my balls and masturbate my at the same time. It was AMAZING. I still think about it and get aroused. Sadly enough she never did it again and after we had our daughter she didn’t wanted to do oral anymore. But yes, I’m one of those who like it when my wife play with my balls.

  16. Frank says:

    I enjoy it, as long as it’s not too rough. Sometimes my wife gets a little too enthusiastic, and mine end up sore for a couple days afterwards ? Cupping and gentle massaging can make my orgasm much more intense. Just start very light and slow, see how it goes. Especially if he’s had a vasectomy recently. The only reason I mention that is because after I healed from my snip, mine were a bit more sensitive than usual for a couple months afterwards.
    That time coincided with a time she was feeling extra frisky, and that stopped the mood dead in its tracks.

    1. Jay Dee says:

      Yeah, I found that I was pretty sensitive for quite a few months after my vasectomy too.

      1. Cameron says:

        Were your balls sensitive in a sexual way? Or sensitive in a nut shot way? Does that make sense. I’m 31 and I’m getting a vasectomy next Monday and am a bit worried about the procedure and after math.

        1. Jay Dee says:

          Yeah, definitely for the next few days, and then I had some odd pain twinges for a few months randomly after that, but nothing that impeded sex or my life. Now things are fine.

  17. Alexandre says:

    I really DO LOVE when my wife plays with my balls. I like it when she uses them like chinese balls vigorously or gently. I like when she pulls them, as if I was a cow. I love it when I lay on my back, my stomach or on my hands and knees. I litterally loose my mind. I moan and scream like a woman. I love it so much that I want sometimes to tell my wife to stop it. And when I am in her, I love when she grabs them sometimes.
    Ladies: ask your man if he likes that. Men can experience great pleasure with this caress. Men can also moan during sex with this, trust me!

  18. Addy says:

    I just came across this article. My husband loves it when I lightly stoke the understand of his testicles while getting him off. A very sensitive area, full of different sensations that, I can tell, adds to the experience.

  19. AnitaTaco says:

    My hubs only has one. It’s my luck that my friend and I use to say, “Yeah and if you only had one nut, we’d call you uno” Never in a million years did I think someone would ever respond with, “I do have only one nut.” Doh sorry. A nasty infection killed it & it was totally reabsorbed by the body. Hasn’t negatively affected him though.

    Anyway, I havent explored too far with it but only recently have I started lightly holding during oral. It always gets a good moan so I’d say he likes it. Maybe I’ll have to expand my repertoire.

    Side note* All these guys saying their wives hate going down on them is insanity! Ladies, step your game up! Let it be a turn on, fake it til you make it. Do it with gusto and like it’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever had in your mouth & he’ll feel like a very lucky man!
    I personally love it, such a turn on! I even taught myself to deep throat and reduced my gag reflex sensitivity as a present to him… LOL (We promised not to buy each other stuff and it was the coolest thing I could think of without buying anything.) It’s not hard to do and doesn’t take long. You can do it while you brush your teeth everyday. Put the tooth brush in the back on your tongue to the point just before you start to gag and then slowly move it back every few days until you can do it all the way.only took me a month or 6 weeks. Just don’t do it if he lacks the length to put it to use. It won’t make him feel very good. That should be obvious though.

  20. 503 harder says:

    my wife loves playing with my balls when she doesn’t want any .as she gets rough I struggle and try to escape . She says she would like to tie me so that I cannot escape , and abuse them until I ejaculate for her . I don’t know if I am capable , but she will probably convince me to let her .

  21. Shaurya says:

    Oh my god, I love it a lot!

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