SWM035 – Anonymous Questions from December 2018

Anonymous Questions from our readers

This podcast episode, I’m catching up on some listener’s questions that I got back in 2018.

You can find the complete questions and answers at https://www.uncoveringintimacy.com/anonymous-questions-from-december-2018/

Topics include:

  1. ED due to medical problems
  2. Husband in erotic chatrooms
  3. Sex toys caused sexual awakening
  4. List of books for continued learning
  5. Double standard on the blog
  6. Positions
  7. Anal sex in Song of Solomon
  8. Sexy underwear for men
  9. Hypnosis
  10. Is it wrong to masturbate if you don’t have an orgasm during sex?
  11. Why there is nothing new on the blog
  12. How to ask a potential spouse if they like oral sex
  13. Orgasming on command

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