Anonymous Questions from our readers

Anonymous Questions – March 20, 2018

I’ve been answering these in email, but I’m moving it to the website for multiple reasons. For one, then people who are nervous about joining the newsletter can still read the questions and answers. Secondly, it’s just easier for me to write on

The worst time to spice up your sex life

The worst time to spice up your sex life

I’ve written a lot about different ways to spice up your sex life.  Those of you who have been reading a while know I tend to prefer conversations that spark understanding and long-term growth over short-term gimmicks.  However, I have been known to

Trapped gatekeepers - blame the guard, not he prisoner

Trapped gatekeepers – blame the guard, not the prisoner

In some marriages, the spouse with the lower sex drive simply decides their perspective is the most important and ends up being the gatekeeper of sex.  That is, they decide when sex is, what sort of sex there is, and generally it’s given

February Squat Challenge

February Squat Challenge

From time to time, I like to run month-long challenges. Some of you joined us for our DietBet game, and even more for our Kegel challenge. This month, we’re going to be doing squats. Why do a squat challenge? Well, squats have a

Taking Advantage of Valentine’s Day

If you’ve been reading here a while, you know, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.  That said, I’m perfectly okay with taking advantage of the season when it works in my favour.  I will NOT buy roses at 2x-3x the price,

Is it okay to engage in pegging in a marriage?

Is it okay to engage in pegging in a marriage

Those of you who get our weekly newsletters know that I’ve been dragging my feet while writing this for the last week.  Those in our private Facebook group know it’s been even longer – and my wife knows it’s been quite a long

Drop “should” from your vocabulary this year

“Should” is a dangerous word that gets used far too often.  Now, I’m sure there are some appropriate times where it can be used, but often we don’t use it appropriately.  Often we use “should” where it’s actually harmful to what our goals

The best way to discuss sexual fantasies

The best way to discuss sexual fantasies

Sharing a sexual fantasy with your spouse can be daunting.  I’ve received many emails from husbands and wives who have opened up to their spouse about something they want and get so completely shut down and rejected that they never want to open

Simultaneous Orgasms Survey

A few weeks back, we were discussing simultaneous orgasms in our Facebook group and we got to talking about what’s “normal”.  Of course, when people ask about what is normal, they’re generally wondering if they’re weird or not.  But they also often want

How to be present during sex

Do you find you get distracted during sex? Have trouble staying in the moment? Here are 8 steps with tips to stay focused and in the moment in bed.