SWM014: Your sex life has far reaching implications

Sex Within Marriage Podcast Image for PostsMen are often accused of compartmentalized lives, and for the most part it’s true.  Most of us can have our work life and our home life and our church life and our sports/hobbies life, and keep them all fairly contained.  Women, on the other hand, tend to have one life, and it all mixes together.  However, there is one aspect of life that men often find very difficult to compartmentalize: their sex life.

Areas of life I’ve noticed are affected by a lack of sex

  • Health / Fitness / Weight
  • Lack of energy / exhaustion
  • Concentration suffers
  • More easily distracted
  • Lack of motivation
  • More work-centric than home-centric
  • Spiritual life suffers

What can you do?

  • If you’re the low drive spouse, realize what a lack of sex, or a low frequency of sex is doing to your spouse
  • If you’re the high drive spouse, recognize that some of these things might happen when sexual frequency drops.  Be aware and focus more on those that are slipping.
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