Sexual Bets To Drive Personal Development

Jay Dee

Sexual Bets To Drive Personal Development

Jun 22, 2012

How we used sexual bets to push ourselves to work on our personal development goals.

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about my wife and I placing sexual bets on a card game, and we had an awesome time.  Not only was the sex fun, but it brought a new element of fun to the card game as well.  So, we started thinking about what else we could improve using this same method.

So, we’re going to try to apply it to personal development.  This time around, specifically weight loss.  We both have some extra pounds we want to lose, so we’ve set up a game for ourselves.  We’re going to track loss week to week.  From Monday to Monday, we’re going to weigh ourselves and the spouse who losses the most gets to pick a sexual favour to be performed by the other spouse.

Some qualifiers:

  • Weight loss is determined by % of weight loss that week.  Wouldn’t be fair to go straight by amount, I’d have an advantage every week.
  • No sabotaging the other partner by buying them sweets or baking things for them.
  • No giving up just because the other partner has won a couple of weeks.  What is likely to happen is one of us will get ahead, then plateau or correct and the other will catch up, perhaps even pass.
  • We stick with it until we reach our goals.

We haven’t nailed down any rules for the rewards, but I think something simple like “only encompasses one night” should be sufficient.  Honestly, our relationships is good enough that we know the other won’t force us to do anything we don’t really want to do. If you don’t know what your limits are, you should check out Our Sexploration List resource

We’ll see how it actually works, but I’m excited.  We’re halfway done the week, and we’ve each lost a couple of pounds already.  My wife is winning by 0.7% so far, and I’m fairly sure if she wins, I’m going to be giving her a long massage, but frankly, time spent running my hands over her naked body sounds good to me too.

What personal development goals of yours would be sped up by using this method?  Do you think your spouse would go for it?

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