What Should I Get My Husband For Father’s Day?

Jay Dee

What Should I Get My Husband For Father’s Day?

Jun 17, 2012

So, its Fathers Day. Do you have a gift yet? I have good news for you. You don’t need to buy one. Here’s what most husbands want for Fathers Day.

Father’s Day is a day to, well, honour fathers and is celebrated in many countries around the world on the third Sunday in June every year, which is today!  Do you have a gift yet?  I have good news for you.  You don’t need to buy one.  Here’s what most husbands want for Fathers Day:

The act that made them a dad in the first place given, not out of obligation to fulfill a requirement of the date, but out of genuine enthusiasm, respect, and love.  We want you to show initiative in the bedroom, we want you to be willing, we want you to be the inner sexually adventurous woman that we know (or at least we hope) lies buried under all those layers of mom, church school teacher, nursery volunteer, food committee leader, etc, etc, etc..

As much as women tend not to want Mother’s Day to be about sex, most fathers certainly do want sex to be a part of their special day, with the woman who gave them children and made them a father.

Yesterday night, @TheMarriageBed posted this:

A tie for Father’s Day? Only if it’s the only thing his wife is wearing when she comes to bed!

The perfect gift for Father’s Day

A Father's Day gift that won't cost you anything and he'll love

So, here’s what I’m thinking would be an awesome twist on the typical Father’s Day gift, if you forgot and are looking last minute. I mean, that third Sunday of June can sneak up on you, right? Who picks these dates?

Get a simple box, bag, whatever.  Honestly, the wrapping won’t matter.  Get a few of his old ties (that he doesn’t care if they get wrinkled).  Put them in the box.  Give it to him when people aren’t around.  When he looks confused, tell him he can use one as a blindfold and be creative with the others.  And do it with a sexy look and a look of hunger in your eyes, and then don’t chicken out.  You need to follow through with this, or this will be the worst fathers day he’s ever had.  If you do follow through, for most guys out there, it’ll be the best tie he’s ever gotten.  He may even wear it just so he can remember the night.

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