Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

Well, Father’s Day is this Sunday! If you’re a wife, and just had a minor panic attack. Don’t worry, I have you covered with three potential gifts that most fathers will love.

Option 1 – Melt is running an amazing Father’s Day special

I emailed our subscribers about this a couple of weeks ago. You still have a bit of time left (just the weekend really) to take advantage of it. Basically, if you buy his massage oil (which is amazing, I have some), then you get his Master Massage Course free for a month. You can get all the details of the special here if you’re interested.

Why do you care about getting the course? Well, you can either learn to do the massage, and then massage him (not a bad gift), or get him to learn how to massage you, which might lead to other things (a good gift and win-win), or you both learn together and make it a new ritual in your marriage to take turns giving sensual massages (an amazing gift that will change your marriage) .

Option 2 – Husband’s love getting our Sexy Coupons

Until Monday, I’m putting them on sale. Just use the coupon code FORMYHUSBAND to get 30% off. You can buy and print them in minutes. It’s a quick, low-cost purchase that I can guarantee he’ll love. Available in three different versions, you can choose which coupons you’re willing to give.

Option 3 – No money? No problem.

Here’s what you do. Get one of his old ties. One he never wears anymore. Put in a box with a note that says “I never see you wear this tie anymore. I thought we could re-purpose it tonight as a blindfold, or use it to tie me up. Your choice.” 

I’ll even make the note for you. Just click here to download it.

You just need to print it, find a tie and a box. The box doesn’t even really matter to be honest. The note doesn’t either. If you’re really scrambling for time, just grab a tie and hand it to him, then tell him the plan, and watch the confused look turn into a smile.

I’ve found what most father’s want for Father’s Day is to celebrate the act that made them fathers in the first place.

Happy Father’s Day all! I hope it’s a great weekend.

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