How can I make him taste better?

Jay Dee

How can I make him taste better?

Mar 11, 2016

I received this question a couple of days ago from our anonymous Have A Question page: I love giving my husband oral, but I find his semen to be very bitter. It’s actually very difficult to not gag at the taste. I thought I was

Anonymous QuestionI received this question a couple of days ago from our anonymous Have A Question page:

I love giving my husband oral, but I find his semen to be very bitter. It’s actually very difficult to not gag at the taste. I thought I was going to throw up once.

So I guess my question is; it’s there a way to make him taste better? Or will i eventually get used to it?

This is a very common complaint.  Unfortunately, I have no personal experience with this, however, I can relay what I’ve learned through my studies.

Semen taste is a barometer of good eating habits

It seems to me that every time I see something about how to improve semen taste, it lines up with advice for how to eat better.  Not just eat, but think, smoke, really anything you ingest.  And that makes sense, I mean it’s part of your system.  So, whatever you eat, drink, or smoke, will end up in it.  So, here are some things that will make semen taste worse, usually more bitter and acrid, or my favorite description: like snot mixed with bleach.

  1. Smoking – best “quit smoking” program ever?  Quit smoking and get more enthusiastic blow jobs!
  2. Meat – Red meat more than white, but all meat will shift towards that side of the spectrum
  3. Alcohol- It’s all the sugar I think
  4. Processed sugar – So, cakes, donuts, danishes, hard candy, ju jubes, chocolate covered almonds, whatever your favorite is.

The one exception I’ve heard is asparagus.  Asparagus is good for you…bad for semen taste.

Now, there are things that will make semen taste better too.

  1. Vegetables – raw better than cooked.  I’m told wheat grass in particular, but I’ve never tried that.
  2. Fruit is supposed to be really good, the sweeter the better.  There’s a big difference between processed and natural sugars.  In particular, pineapple is often cited as being the best, particular in juice form.
  3. Water – Yep, watch your water intake.  This will also help with the “snot-like” consistency.

So, if you want the best tasting semen, get your husband to become raw-vegan … hey, where are all the Texans going?  But in all seriousness, I’ve heard that a man can go from tasting acrid and bitter to sweet just by making diet changes including quitting smoking and drinking.  I know, that’s a lot to give up…but in my opinion, they’re things that should be given up anyways.

These go for women as well

The taste of women is not so strong, and usually more pleasant, but they shift as well due to diet changes.  They also change due to time in their cycle as other factors.  So, women if you’re worried about your taste, these tips will work for you too.


Fact is, the vast majority of us could use some large changes in our diet.  We don’t drink enough water, we don’t eat enough fruit (like real fruit, that grew on a tree, not a bar that contains “real fruit”), we don’t eat enough vegetables, we eat too much meat.  Imagine if your spouse was there saying “If you put back that second steak, I’ll rewards you with oral sex”, I think most husband, and not too few wives, would take up that offer.

Looking for help?

11 thoughts on “How can I make him taste better?”

  1. Norah says:

    Oh goodness this one is hard. ;p but yes we need to do better. Texans included there went our chicken fried steak and gravy. Lol.?

  2. John Wilder says:

    Well part of the answer is just not tasting him. How do you do that? Simple, don’t use your tongue to block his ejaculation but simply let him ejaculate in the back of your mouth and give a quick swallow. All your taste buds are on the front of your tongue so by bypassing them you don’t have any taste.

    For women who object to this, the answer is also simple. When he is getting close to climaxing you simply squirt chocolate syrup over his penis and then all you get is the taste of chocolate when he comes in your mouth.

    Just saying

    1. Anonymous says:

      Oh no no no. Having something shoot into my throat is an instant toss-my-cookies moment.

      Interesting chocolate idea though. I think i saw something like that on hot holy and humorous. I’m going to go check it out again.

  3. El Fury says:

    Supposedly a supplement called (I kid you not) bromelain can improve the taste of semen. It’s made from pineapple parts, so I suppose it’s like eating a ton of pineapple. I took it for a few days and it upset my stomach. But, you want to know if it worked, right? Well, you’ll have to wait for the upcoming blog post, haha.

  4. Kay says:

    I don’t like trash tv like this anymore (I can’t stop thinking “YOU JUST NEED JESUS!”) but I do remember an episode of Sex and the City where one of the girls is struggling with her man’s “funky tasting spunk.” Lol! I can’t remember what exactly happened, just the phrase, in addition to learning that this *is* a thing. I think she ended up insisting that he tasted his own semen and he too was super grossed out. She probably broke up with him over it, quality person that she was. (Not.)

    I hope the diet changes help this couple. If not, I think I would have to insist my hubby tap out. I’d still do oral, but not to orgasm. I think it is a bad idea to associate a sex act with disgust, no? Maybe on special occasions, but not a regular basis because I would want to still enjoy oral sex, not dread it.

    1. Dan says:

      You make a very good point, Kay. We should try to refrain from engaging in any type of sex act or play that creates a distasteful feeling within us or our partner. We don’t want sexual sharing to create a feeling of dread because of our anticipating doing something that kills our mood and takes the joy out of sex. Forgoing that act may leave one or both of us with a feeling of disappointment, but we have to remember that our sex lives are dynamic and that often times this feeling may pass, especially with later exposures on a trial basis. We can always try something again later. I have little doubt many of us are now doing things in our sex lives that did not appeal to us in the past.

      I would also include various forms of sexual play or rituals in this. If one of you is uncomfortable with something, put it aside for now. You can always revisit it later or perhaps talk about it and modify it in some way that is agreeable to both of you.

      The sexual experience you desire for yourself in the presence of your mate may not as complete as you would like it, but it is better that your spouse find the experience you do have desirable to them than to find reasons to keep contact at a minimum. It can always improve with time, trust and communication.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Interesting post. I have never heard my wife utter a word about the taste. Then again, I eat a lot of fruit and drink a ton of water……

  6. J. Parker says:

    Since you mentioned not having experience with this, I’ll chime in on that part. 🙂 The taste definitely varies depending on what he’s eaten recently. It tends to range more from salty to sweet, but bitter can be there too. What do you think about adding a flavored lubricant? I figure most hubbies would be okay with that, and it would add a little sweetness to the mix.

    By the way, this Texan winced when you said “raw vegan.” What would we do without BBQ?!

    1. Dan says:

      @ Jay Dee, and J,

      All over the net you read about fruit juices being the thing that will possibly make the difference. Of course, we are all different in how our bodies respond to chemistry and food is just that: chemistry. But, the fact that this solution is so highly touted got me thinking about an interesting point and possible survey opportunity.

      I have never found any extensive anecdotal observation from the field, so to speak, supporting this. First, I wonder if so and then how many “couple-teams” have done dedicate research into this? It would seem possible that a flavor change could chemically involve more than just a day or two to take effect. Then one wonders how residual the effect is if you intake a small portion of negative food?

      I don’t remember any women commenting on any sites I frequent as to how long it took for a change to be noticed, how it manifested itself (sweet, sour, bitter, consistency, mouth feel, etc.) and to what extent, which would of course be subjective with individual taste buds to a degree.

      I guess what I’m questioning is is this just another urban myth and that is why we see no supporting data, modesty not withstanding? Obviously, the survey sample population is part of the problem. A woman has to commit to oral to completion and then not at the back of the throat and tongue and swallowing is she is to provide any useful data. Those committed to such a completion standard alone severely limits the size of the survey sample population and of the anecdotal information available. And yes, I’m writing this in a clinical fashion to try to keep it from sounding too prurient though the “sip and swish” part of the wine tasting process of “sniff, swirl, sip, swish and swallow” seems accurate. (not ignoring that odor is a necessary part of the taste experience). I typically do not see or regard our sexual sharing as a laboratory experience.

      This looks like it may be right up your survey alley, Jay Dee.

      1. Jay Dee says:

        As you said, I’m not sure there’s a large enough sample size of couples with:

        1. A wife who would perform a “taste test” with the original diet and at regular intervals (every day or two) to ascertain the time span needed for diet to change the taste
        2. A husband that would go from their normal diet to something radically different for at least a week

        There may be a few, but since taste is such a subjective thing, you’d need a fair bit to make a decent sample size for a correlative analysis. And then all you’d get is a “yes, diet can improve the taste”. To get more specific answers, about what exactly changes is, we’d have to do a barrage of tests with a single dietary variation at a time.

        Sorry, this one is not sounding up my alley Dan. Sounds like a lot of work with little potential for results.

  7. JoMama67 says:

    I have found that pineapples work. At least, it takes the bitter edge off.
    I have found, however, that I LOVE to swallow him. It’s a big turn on for me.

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