Are you ready for mother’s day?

Jay Dee

Are you ready for mother’s day?

May 04, 2015

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that the most dangerous day of the year for marriages is sneaking up fast.  That’s right, Mother’s Day.  So, this year I thought I’d give you fair warning.  Give you a chance to

AreYouReadyForMothersDayThose of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that the most dangerous day of the year for marriages is sneaking up fast.  That’s right, Mother’s Day.  So, this year I thought I’d give you fair warning.  Give you a chance to prepare, so that you aren’t caught unawares.  And, it just so happens that I’ve even got a gift suggestion.  It’s a pretty awesome one actually.  While I know someone out there will have a wife who will hate it, I think most of them would absolutely melt at this.
About two years ago I wrote a post called Why don’t I give my wife more massages? which was largely me trying to remind myself of the benefits of massaging my wife, in the hopes that I’d remember to do it more often.  But, admittedly, I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes, even when I’m the one giving the advice to myself.

Then, one day, I finally remembered, and started looking for a course, or something, to teach me how to give better massages.  Low and behold, I stumbled across Melt, Massage for Couples and it was exactly what I was looking for.  It’s a video course to teach you how to massage your spouse.  Actually, it’s better than that.  It’s a library of videos to teach you how to massage your spouse, as well as the soundtrack to play during the massage.  They also have e-Books to enhance the learning as well, and best of all, Melt assumes you know absolutely nothing about massaging at the start.

So, in true ministry blogger fashion, I reached out to Denis (the owner of Melt, and the one teaching in the videos), and said I was very interested in his product, and I’d love to review it.  I’ll be honest, I was a bit floored when I got an email back from Denis that opened with:

Hi Jay,

I love your site! Good on you, I think this is a great resource for Christians!

Since then, we’ve been talking on and off for the last 6 months or so.  I also got a chance to try out the videos with my wife.  You know what I learned?  Well, I learned how to give an even better massage, from simple tips that helped immediately to a half hour long massage routine that won’t leave your thumbs or wrists sore, and will leave your wife an absolute puddle.

Christina’s Thoughts: The rhythm and flow that he uses in his technique is so easy to work with and remember the different steps! The very first one you learn has 4 steps and they flow so well together, and even with only those 4, you really do start to melt.

But, also, like I said, I learned again that I’m a little slow on taking my own advice.  After all, in October of 2014, I created an infographic based on one of our surveys showing that 63% of respondents said that a lot of foreplay increased the chance of orgasm the most.  Well, you don’t get much better foreplay than a massage, and, if you’ve been going to bed naked, then that means naked massage (even better).  So, how is it that I was so surprised by how easily she transitioned from mom to wife and got in the mood for sex?  Actually, I think in the month of November my wife got massages more days than not.  And you know what?  I think we had sex more days than not too.  Not bad, particularly considering she was 6 months pregnant, and for two of those weeks we were doing hard labor in the Caribbean on a mission trip.

Christina’s Thoughts: We were often fairly exhausted during our trip that we didn’t really have a whole lot of time for massages, but before we left, it was such a great way that Jay could use these amazing techniques to help me warm up for sex and melt away all the stress from planning our trip. I think I got one nearly every day during that month before we left. 

So, what am I getting at?  Well, I finally took my own advice:

  1. I learned how to give massages, thanks to Melt.
  2. I actually started giving massages.  You know what, I’ve gotten some in return too! (Bonus)

So, if you’re a husband and you’re looking for something to do for Mother’s Day, check out Melt.  After all, flowers die, chocolates get eaten, but learning to massage.  Well, that’s a gift that just keeps giving dividends.

And if you’re a wife … well, maybe not-so-subtly send this to your husband.  Most of us don’t do subtle well.  And email with the subject “This is what I want for Mother’s Day” should do.

Christina’s Thoughts: Its true, men don’t do subtle well, so if you really would like to try out this coarse, you need to just be blunt with him, and tell him what a great thing you found that you absolutely must get so you can try it out.

Your Turn

Do you use massages into your foreplay?  If no, why not?  Maybe you should try!

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14 thoughts on “Are you ready for mother’s day?”

  1. Latoya Hart says:

    I only have had one message. We both gave each other one. It was awesome, but hubby didn’t play by the rules. Lol (no touching me while I was giving him the message ). But anyway I did ask for this for Mothers day before this post. Great minds think alike. Great post Jaydee

    1. Jay Dee says:

      Yeah, I have problem with those rules too…

  2. HopefullyHelpful says:

    I thought the “most dangerous day” was the anniversary. . .Maybe I should re-think. . .After all, she already gets massaged every night.

    1. Jay Dee says:

      According to (a site for married people to find affairs, not linked on purpose), their biggest day is the Monday after Mother’s Day. That’s what I’m basing it on.

  3. Keelie Reason says:

    This is a fun idea for mother’s Day. 🙂 My husband’s birthday is usually right next to Mother’s Day or after it. This could be fun for both of us. However, I really don’t like massages all that much. Might have to reconsider. Who knows.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My wife loves messages. But she has one rule…messages cannot lead to sex. 🙁

    1. Jay Dee says:

      …that’s a good way to ensure you get fewer massages…

  5. anonymous says:

    My W is *extremely* sensitive to ANY skin in video form. How “safe” are the massage video tutorials?

    1. Jay Dee says:

      They are fully clothed the entire time. If you watch the video on their site, you can see what they wear for the massage. Bare shoulders and arms. That’s it.

  6. Aaron says:

    Can you make any recommendations for massage oils or lotions? I would like something that doesn’t dry up and need constant replacing, that doesn’t leave greasy oil marks on the sheets, that doesn’t taste like chemicals (something free of any scent or flavor would be ideal), and is safe and effective to double as a personal lubricant.

    1. Jay Dee says:

      Have you tried coconut oil?

      1. Aaron says:

        I haven’t tried coconut oil. I don’t have any experience with massages except to give my wife occasional back and foot rubs. I’m going to order the Melt videos and hopefully learn how to give good sensual massages as a Christmas gift for her. We have only ever used body lotions and creams, which dry up quickly; baby oil, which leaves stains; and Freeup cream that my physical therapist uses. Freeup is nice in that it lasts a while, but it has a chemical taste. I have googled and looked on amazon for massage oils, but the various hits are overwhelming. Is coconut oil a good choice?

        1. Jay Dee says:

          It’s the only kind we use. Melts at skin temperature, natural, taste is neutral (or a little bit like coconut, depending on the brand), doesn’t dry out quickly, but is safe to absorb. Basically, it’s perfect, I think.

          1. Aaron says:

            Awesome, Thanks. I really appreciate having found your site. It validates for me many of my own needs and has given me insight into meeting my wife’s. I think Melt may be a great tool to address both. I’m excited to give this gift.

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