Introduction to Talking Dirty


Interested in learning how to explore talking “dirty” in your marriage bed?  Not sure how to start, what to say or what’s even okay?

In this resource you will learn

  • How Christianity often mistakes biblical commands thinking it speaks against erotic speech
  • How we are free to engage in this, provided the proper context exists
  • Some noises you can make in the bedroom, and ones you shouldn’t
  • Five levels of “dirty” talk to help you ease into it
  • Two games to help make it more fun to start

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Too often we approach sex as if it’s a crime.  We think it’s best done under the cover of night, in pitch black darkness with little to no sound.  The truth is that sex is an important and even holy part of marriage that should be celebrated.  So, in this eBook, we’re going to learn a bit more about communicating that enthusiasm during sex.  We’re going to do that by helping you to begin talking dirty in the bedroom.

We’ll start by simply talking about just some noises you can make during sex.  Noises that will increase both you and your spouse’s arousal; from simple heavy breathing to actual words.

We’ll discuss some simple guidelines for what sort of noises are good.  We’ll also talk about some sounds that are not so good to make. Then we’ll dive into five different levels of talking “dirty” in the bedroom.  Finally, we’ll give you some tips and methods to start what is usually awkward at first for any couple.

We’re going to also give some ways to slowly dip your feet into this new and exciting activity.


I’ve done my best to balance between being informative while not being erotic, but given the topic and individual beliefs, you may think I’ve gone too far or not far enough.  In either case, I apologize, but I have done my best to walk a very thin line.

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