Introduction to Talking Dirty

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Interested in learning how to explore talking “dirty” in your marriage bed?  Not sure how to start, what to say or what’s even okay?

Learn what the Bible actually says about this topic, rather than what’s been traditionally taught.  Learn how to arouse your partner using words and bring them to new levels of excitement.  Become comfortable using sexually charged words which, when used in the proper context, can open up a new level of intimacy.



Interested in learning how to explore talking “dirty” in your marriage bed?  Not sure how to start, what to say or what’s even okay?
In this resource you will learn

How Christianity often mistakes biblical commands thinking it speaks against erotic speech
How we are free to engage in this, provided the proper context exists
Some noises you can make in the bedroom, and ones you shouldn’t
Five levels of “dirty” talk to help you ease into it
Two games to help make it more fun to start

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6 reviews for Introduction to Talking Dirty

  1. Anonymous

    The ideas here are erotically enhancing, and Jay’s support of them is sound. I wish I’d come across it years ago, as it would have assuaged a lot of guilt that I had about how I’d talk in the bedroom vs. as a Christian in public. When I was young, I felt troubled about how foully non-Christian men would talk when the women weren’t around. Now, I believe that they were just “being men”, but that they inappropriately allowed their lust and that talk out of the bedroom where it belonged, with their wives. “Dirty talk” isn’t dirty if it’s part of the shared arousal and passion between man and wife.

  2. Tony La Torre (verified owner)

    Jay does a very nice job of threading the needle, when it comes to this sensitive topic. I purchased this to better understand how to be more uninhibited in the bedroom. While the wife and I have always engaged in “dirty talk”, I sometimes have a hard time being as openly expressive about my pleasure, as she would like me to be. This book helped me to better understand why it matters so much to her to hear me do things like breathe heavy and moan during sex. I can tend to be quiet, when it comes to those things, so I’m grateful for this guide in helping me to overcome those inhibitions. Well done, Jay. Thank you!

  3. Gary (verified owner)

    A really well written guide that will stretch any couple looking to create more intimacy.

  4. Eden Helton (verified owner)

    This guide is so helpful, fun and freeing. It created an opportunity for my husband and I to talk about likes and desires we both had but had never shared. Turns out we like a lot of the same things and had both wanted to add dirty talk into our bedroom, we just didn’t know how. This resource gives you examples and experiences to make it easy to implement, which I appreciate. This guide is amazing!

  5. Karissa (verified owner)

    This absolutely REVOLUTIONIZED our sex life. Maybe I’m just weird, but OH MY GOSH, my husband talking dirty to me is the biggest turn on EVER and I had NO IDEA before reading through this pdf. It’s like my husband and I have this secret language that is just for us and it has creative greater intimacy between us, not just physically, but emotionally as well. Thank you sooooo much for writing this and helping us find freedom in the bedroom!

  6. Cindy (verified owner)

    This was incredibly helpful. It talked about not just “how to,” but also “why to.” He also unpacked theological implications as well. My husband and I are discovering intimacy and vulnerability in new ways due to this paper. Love it!!

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