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Looking for a Christmas gift for your spouse that shows you make intimacy a priority? This Advent calendar is perfect for the season. This printable comes with activity cards you can choose from to give to your spouse, as well as templates for daily envelopes.

Choose from three different versions:

  • Romantic – Non-sexual cards only
  • Sexy – The Romantic set as well as a set of sexual cards
  • Black Label – The Romantic set, plus the Sexy set, plus additional activities for those who are more adventurous in the bedroom.

See below for more details on the versions.

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Do you remember having advent calendars as a kid? Every day you get a chocolate, or a toy or something. For nearly a whole month, every day there was something exciting to look forward to the next day.

Holidays don’t exactly feel that way for us adults anymore do they? In fact, sometimes holidays just feel like a bit of a downer.  Many couples struggle to maintain intimacy during the holidays. Not just physical intimacy (but that too), but it’s also a high-point for arguments and blow-outs.

We wanted to make something that encouraged couples to draw together during this season and give back a sense of excitement into the holidays.

So, we put together an Advent Calendar for couples. It took us a while to figure out how to manage things like visitations (less of a problem this year I think), big dinners, people’s differing boundaries and comfort levels around certain sexual activities, travel, and even periods. But, I think we found a fairly elegant solution that will work for you, no matter what you have going on.

This product comes in three versions: Romantic, Sexual and Black Label:

The Romantic Set

This set contains 28 activity cards for you to choose from as well as 2 modifier cards to give your spouse some extra options should you wish.  It also comes with a page with different templates so you can fill in activities that you didn’t find contained in the product, or perhaps an activity that has special meaning to you.

As well, 25 envelope templates are provided, one for each day from December 1st to Christmas Day.  Simply cut them out and fold them over the cards you’ve chosen.  That’s what makes the idea of an Advent Calendar so exciting: your spouse won’t know what activities you have planned for them.

If sex is a touchy subject in your marriage, you don’t think your spouse would be happy with a sexy gift, or if you just would rather focus on romantic activities, this set is for you.

The Sexy Set

The Sexy Set includes everything in the Romantic Set as well as an additional 30 activities for you to choose from that are all of a sexual nature.  Depending on your marriage, busyness of the season, monthly cycles, expected exhaustion levels, or anything else you can plan around, you may wish to choose both sexual and non-sexual activities to gift this holiday season.  Items include oral, manual and mutual masturbation

If you and your spouse prefer sex to be straightforward with maybe a little manual and oral sex thrown in, then this is the set for you.

The Black Label Set

While the sexy set will generally be okay with most people, this set starts pushing some of the boundaries many people have.  This set includes the previous two, plus 40 extra cards that contain activities including bondagehair pulling, anal play, power exchange and other edgy topics.  Of course, you’re welcome to choose the activities you are okay, mix them with the Romantic and Sexy Sets’ cards and leave the rest alone.

If you and your spouse are the adventurous type in bed, then this is the set for you.

Printable and ready to use

All you need is a printer, some paper (card stock makes a nice touch though), scissors and some glue or tape.  Within minutes, you’ll have a unique gift for your spouse that’s sure to promote intimacy over the Christmas season.

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Romantic (non-sexual), Sexy, Black-Label

27 reviews for Intimacy Advent Calendar

  1. J (verified owner)

    I bought the full 3 sets, but for this year am only using the romantic set. So far it’s been really good. My wife has felt loved by it and it’s given us ample opportunities to connect in ways we don’t often do. I’m considering using it even outside of advent.

  2. C (verified owner)

    I got the sexy set for my husband. He’s usually the one that initiates, so this was sort of my way of being able to initiate since it’s not something that comes easily to me. He’s told me this is the best Christmas gift he’s ever gotten 🙂 This has been a huge help for us in being closer and more intimate; I think part of it is because of the vulnerability involved and part of it is just the excitement of what’s going to be picked out. Also, we’re planning to use these year round. Thank you for this resource!

  3. Matt (verified owner)

    What a fun, exciting resource! My wife and I are using this advent calendar right now, and it has definitely added some spice and intentionality this busy Christmas season. Highly recommend!

  4. Christi (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for this resource! My husband started listening to your podcast and encouraged me to look at it myself. The podcast and website has sparked healthy, biblical conversation about our sex life. We may have been overly excited about the Intimacy Advent Calendar (haha!) and distributed ALL romantic, sexual and sexually adventurous categories (one of each per day). Needless to say, we’ve had many options and have definitely grown closer in our intimacy. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking a way to spice up their marriage over the holiday season.

  5. Nancy (verified owner)

    I bought Black Label as a present for my husband. It was nice to have a variety of things with all three levels that we are comfortable with. I didn’t buy it in time to do the full Advent Calendar but we have enjoyed having 18 days of Christmas. My husband was very surprised and has enjoyed picking a card each day. We chose to have the option of use it today or save for later. In our sixties, it’s a nice added spark to our marriage!

  6. Amaia (verified owner)

    It was a present for hubby, I really liked the idea of writing my own days. I printed other envelopes as I didn’t like the ones provided. I found it a bit expensive as you have to print an cut so it is work; but so far, he is loving it; he is excited about opening the envelope every day. I bought the sexy version as we are not into bondage or other things. I hope we will use it more often and not only in Christmas. He has told me that it is the best advent calendar he has seen! So I am happy with it! I recommend to print it, laminate it and reuse it!

  7. Sarah H (verified owner)

    So excited to bless my husband this month and to grow closer together! I got the Black Label version, and I just folded each card and stuck it in our bedroom advent calendar (which was fun). I picked the things I thought we would most enjoy and then made a few “pick from envelope 1 or 2” cards so he can pick from the leftovers himself (there are SO many good ones, it was hard to decide so I put the more adventurous cards in one envelope and the milder ones in another). I also decided to keep the fun going by using pins to attach enough cards to last through the 31st. We probably won’t get to all of them, but there were so many fun ideas, both sexy and casual- PLUS the write your own cards are great for a few things that were unique to us. I just love it! I’m very happy I got this and I think it will be fun for years to come. Next year I’ll have him fill the advent calendar with his choices!

  8. CAL (verified owner)

    This advent calendar is fantastic. I was working on preparing an advent calendar for my kids this weekend. My husband made a joke that he wished he had one and it got the gears turning in my mind. The holiday season isn’t just for kids. And this year has been hard for everyone, including us as a couple. What better way to spend energy this season than on ramping up our marriage for the year ahead. I thought I was on my own and was wracking my brain for ideas to include in such a calendar. I turned to Google and your website came up. Huzzah! Just what I wanted and I don’t have to make it myself! This is even better because you have more ideas and a broader perspective than I ever could have come up with. Thank you so much!
    Merry Christmas indeed!

  9. Mike V. (verified owner)

    My wife and I are enjoying this fun little gift this Christmas. It is a great way to focus on each other during the holidays. If your open to being adventurous, i would recommend trying this.

  10. Christie Winkler (verified owner)

    I really like this ministry and was really excited about this product, but I must confess that it was a little anticlimactic (no pun intended). I haven’t actually put it together yet, but from all the reviews I was expecting more. The ideas aren’t much more than what I can find in free printables online. Great idea, though.

  11. DJ Holland (verified owner)

    I purchased this as an ongoing Advent Christmas present for my wife so she could have a present for each of the days leading up to Christmas. She seemed to like opening a new envelope a day and reading the coupon inside. However, if you wish to do the same, I would suggest you do so with some communication about the intent. I thought she would open the coupon, and we would follow through on the daily activity that day. She thought she would keep them as coupons to cash in later, when she felt the desire to do so. As a result, nearly 2 months later, we have yet to use many of the coupons. Nothing wrong with either way, but communication will help avoid some incredible frustrations if you both have different ideas and expectations based on those ideas.
    Also, I thought it would be a neat idea for her to open a new “envelope” each day, so I printed out the whole set of printables, sorted the coupons I would give, and started cutting out the cardstock envelopes. There was so much cutting to get all 25 cut out that my hands were getting tired and I was nervous I wouldn’t get the project done on time. so be sure to plan plenty of time to prepare the set, if you choose to do it the same way.
    All in all, a great gift, very good resources, but I’m still holding final judgment while waiting to “cash in” some of the coupons.

  12. Clarissa seay (verified owner)

    Was a great idea for exloporing new things and getting out of the same old rut we really enjoyed focusing on us for a whole month and and helped us with all the stress you face around the holidays plenty of ideas to choose from if you do the black label good way to really spice things up

  13. Rebecca (verified owner)

    This is a great resource to help those that have fallen in a rut to get that spark back. With the black label version there’s plenty of ideas to choose from.

  14. DJ Holland, Sr. (verified owner)

    Was a great resource for trying to explore new things. We got the sexy version as the black label looked to be too much for us. My wife opened one envelope each day and kept the coupons to be cashed in later. So we’re still working our way through them all.

    Still a great concept and fun gift for two!

  15. Crystal (verified owner)

    I bought these for my husband and oh my goodness, he was surprised! It ended up being just what he needed during this busy time of the year. He loved them and I enjoyed being able to love him in these ways. Black label is the way to go – you can pick and choose what you feel comfortable with and there are always extra to try later!

  16. Katie (verified owner)

    Thanks for making this product!
    My husband and I both loved the advent calendar!
    There were a lot of options to choose from – especially since I bought the black label version. It helped me to prioritize sex and loving my husband over the holidays. It also opened us up to a bit more adventure in sex.
    It was very easy to use – just print and cut. The envelopes are cute and easy too. And it’s reusable, so next year it will be my turn to receive the calendar 🙂
    I’d like to see more options added for the black label category

  17. Kellyn (verified owner)

    This product was perfect for my husband. We had just come through a season that was very traumatic to our intimate life. The advent was a wonderful way for us to get back into sharing intimacy and discussing likes and dislikes with positions. I plan to use them again for Valentines Day for added spark?

  18. Steven

    We had a great time exploring new things together

  19. Seth (verified owner)

    We bought this as a pre-Christmas gift. We struggle sometimes to come up with ideas to spice things up. It’s not lack of willingness to try things for us as much as it is knowing what things we might try. This worked out wonderfully! We got the black label version and my wife picked things for each of the 25 days from things she was comfortable with and surprised me each day. It was nice to have all 3 levels to customize to our needs. There was definitely lots of new stuff we had not tried. Having 25 days of action in a stressful holiday season was a real blessing to our marriage. Definitely recommend this!

  20. anna ess (verified owner)

    Starting back when we were dating I got into the annual tradition of making my husband an advent calendar. So when I came across this calendar, I immediately ordered the romantic & sexy ones for this advent. It had great suggestions that left plenty of room to add our own spin to if we wanted. Some days we didn’t follow through (life can get in the way), but they prompted good times on the days we did, and kept us flirting & teasing in anticipation. My man loved opening his envelope in the morning and having the day to look forward to the fun we were going to have that night. Great resource! #keepingitsexy

  21. Lisa (verified owner)

    We loved this. Made it our own and made packages for each day we were off together for the holidays. We also liked the free form options.

  22. ME (verified owner)

    Loved the amount of ideas and creative suggestions! We’ll definitely use these throughout the year.

  23. ElGa (verified owner)

    Fun and easy to put together way to set aside and enjoy time with your spouse during the busy season! I didn’t use the envelopes, just printed out the cards and cut them out, although the envelopes were great too if you have the time! We printed out the romantic and the sexy cards and used some from both.

  24. Wes (verified owner)

    This is full of great ideas to ‘celebrate’ the season. Whether mild or wild there’s a lot of great suggestions and activities.

  25. goldensquares (verified owner)

    I had recently looked at my old advent calendar from a few years ago then Uncovering Intimacy put out a new (adult) advent calendar. I’m going to print the days at a reduced size as we have a 10 inch wooden advent Christmas tree with 25 little drawers. This calendar is quite a neat idea as it saves having to handwrite or type out little things for each day. I’m putting a tiny gift with each day so there will be fun now and later 😉 . The envelopes are quite large taking up a page per day so printing 2 pages to the page can help save your paper or keep it to a smaller discrete size. Black Label edition is the one to get… Another quality product I have come to expect from Uncovering Intimacy. David

  26. cj8dave (verified owner)

    What a great idea! I just downloaded it and had fun reading through the days. I can hardly wait to start! Thank you for all the work you put in to this!

  27. Karen (verified owner)

    This calendar is a pleasant surprise! I am amazed at the thought that went into this – so very many choices and an inspired concept. I feel like I got a bonus, because all of those ideas can obviously be used whenever desired. I love the fun of an Advent Calendar, but I especially love the many suggestions that my husband and I plan to use all year long! One possible problem…I am not crafty, and the instructions for the beautiful envelopes may prove to be beyond my skills. But plain envelopes are cheap at the dollar store, if needed! I’m looking forward to this Advent season!

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