Mother’s Day is the Most Dangerous Day of the Year for Couples

Jay Dee

Mother’s Day is the Most Dangerous Day of the Year for Couples

May 13, 2013

Did you know that Mother’s Day is the most dangerous day of the year for couples? It causes more affairs than any other day in the year. Find out why.

Did you know that today, statistically, your marriage is at higher risk than any other day?  Tomorrow is the day after Mother’s Day, and if you have kids, and you didn’t make your wife feel appreciated for being their mother, then chances are, your relationship will be at its yearly low tomorrow. (not linked on purpose), is a site founded to helping married couples find extra-marital romantic relationships (which, frankly, I find disgusting as a business concept: in my mind, it’s akin to selling guns specifically to suicide candidates).  They have released statistics to say that the day after Mother’s Day of 2012, they saw a 439% increase in membership over any other Monday.  What does this mean? This means 15,000 people (ostensibly, mostly mothers) decided to sign up and find an affair partner on that day.

Why is that?

Well, Mother’s Day, more so than Valentine’s Day it seems, causes mothers to reflect on their relationship.  Many spent so much time with the kids, sacrifice so much to their family, that if the one day of the year goes by where you are basically obligated to say SOMETHING about this massive ministry in her life.  If you absolutely fail to, they start to question whether or not you are the right spouse, and frankly, for good reason. I am definitely not condoning having an affair: I think a situation like that needs some serious communication instead of running away and not facing the issue.  If you’re struggling with these thoughts, please reach out and get some help for your marriage.

Furthermore, most husbands who don’t show appreciation on Mother’s Day generally aren’t showing appreciation year-round.  Mother’s Day just brings that into clear focus.  All that neglected time piles up and Mother’s Day is the day that it finally hits the roof.

So, if you forgot Mother’s Day, if your wife didn’t seem happy at the end of it,  or if you generally don’t tell her frequently that you appreciate what she does: you might want to start doing some serious relationship mending before has another customer…

If that day comes to pass, and once again what [women] experience is a lack of appreciation, affection and respect, that is when the idea of taking on a potential lover takes full form.

Noel Biderman  (founder of

Your Turn

Mother’s:  How was your Mother’s Day?  If you were disappointed, did you talk to your husband about it?

Father’s: How are you feeling right now?  Worried, or feeling like you dodged a bullet?

And if you need help with your marriage, please check out our marriage coaching services before you get sucked into an affair.

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