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This instantly downloadable PDF contains 60 sexual activities that you can pick and choose from to create an adult version of the classic memory game with a twist: you have to do the activities on the sets you pick up.

This game is perfect for those couples looking to add some excitement into their sessions by shaking up the order of events, by extending foreplay, or simply by not being responsible for choosing the next activity.

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For many, sex can become a bit burdensome after you’ve been married a while.  You can get stuck in a rut of doing the same ABC steps that you’ve always done, because, well, they work.  Sex can become functional rather than fun.

Others want to expand their horizons a bit, but aren’t sure how to introduce new activities, or they’re scared to, or they’re worried about being judged or they may simple not know what else to do.

This resource is intended to be a fun way to change things up a bit, to explore some potentially fun activities while using a game so simple many people grow up playing it at some point in their childhood.

There are a lot of wives, in particular, who desperately want crazy, hot, passionate sex, but can’t bring themselves to be responsible for it in anyway.  Playing a game allows them to experience that because they can tell their brain “it’s not me … the card is making me do it”.

Whatever your situation, I hope this resource leads to some incredible intimacy, and maybe even some discussions about your preferences and desires.


Step 1 – Print out the rest of this document (skip the instructions).  You can use standard printer paper, however, you may be able to see through the paper to the images on the other side.  So, that might not work well depending on the paper you have. Some better options are to laminate it afterwards or use card stock.

Step 2 – Cut the cards out.  There should be two of each card which will leave you an even number of cards.  If you don’t have an even number something has gone wrong.

Step 3 – Both you and your spouse go through the cards and remove those they aren’t comfortable with or aren’t in the mood for tonight.  Make sure you remove both cards of an activity or else finding matches is going to be difficult.

Step 4 – From the cards remaining choose how many sets you’d like to play with.  A standard game of memory is 26 sets (52 cards), however, this gives the potential for a tie, which is problematic later on.  So, I suggest you choose an odd number.  Just to give an idea of timing, a game of 27 sets will take approximately an hour not including whatever sex you have afterwards.

Step 5 – Layout the cards, face down, on the table, floor or whatever surface you have nearby.  We don’t suggest using the bed if yours is smaller than a king size as you may need that surface for some of the activities.  However, you could use poster putty or tape to stick it to a wall if you’re short on space.  If you went with 27 pairs that gives you 54 cards, which fits nicely into a 6 x 9 layout.

Step 6 – Gather any supplies you may need based on the cards you’ve chosen.  For example, if you have a card that involves tying hands, then make sure you have some rope, cuffs, a tie, scarf or something you can use to tie them up with.  Many cards will require a die to play.  If you don’t have one, you can download a free app on your phone.

Playing the game

After setting up the game, gameplay is relatively simple.  You each take turns flipping over two cards, one at a time.

If they don’t match, you turn the cards face down again, and it becomes your spouse’s turn.

If they do match the card type determines what you do.

Foreplay cards – These are to be done immediately.  Some are gender neutral.  Either the spouse gets the card gets to choose if the activity is done to them or by them, or the card will choose based on who got the set.  Other cards are coloured pink or grey depending on whether they’re targeted at the wife or the husband respectively.  Two things to be careful of here:

1 – A pink card and a grey card are not a match. For example, a “tie her hands” and a “tie his hands” do not make a set.  Likewise with red and pink or grey cards.  They must be the same colour to be a set.

2 – When filtering the cards during the setup, you can choose activities that she may be okay receiving, but not giving, or visa-versa by choosing the appropriate colours. If you’re okay with that activity in either direction, then choose the gender-neutral cards.  In this case, the “tie their hands” card.  Of course, you can use all of them if you really like that activity.

Sex cards – These cards are only to be used by the winner at the end of the game.  They’re gender non-specific, because all these activities involve both spouses.

Instant cards – There are three such cards just to add a bit more “chance” to the flow of play.

When all the cards are spoken for, and ideally, you’re quite warmed up, the winner is the spouse with the most sets.  Assuming you choose an odd number of sets to start with.  If you haven’t, well, you’ll need to come up with a tie-breaker.

The winner gets to choose from their set of sex cards to determine the activity for the continued sex session.

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  1. Holyterror (verified owner)

    My wife and I played this game for 3 solid hours the night we printed out the cards! Such creativity and so stimulating!

  2. ShyWife (verified owner)

    Review for Sexy Memory – Printable
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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