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Your spouse’ sin doesn’t counterbalance yours

Not a week goes by that I don’t see this portrayed in a comment or email from a reader.  Their spouse has committed, or is committing, some sin, and so their response is that they have to do something wrong as well.  Sometimes it’s a retaliation,

Did I marry the wrong person?

Did I marry the wrong person

I get a lot of emails from people wondering if they married the wrong person.  Generally it’s because they’re unhappy in their marriage and feel like it would be better/easier with a different spouse.  Sometimes it’s because they feel they got married for the wrong

Romance is the death of sexual attraction

I was writing another post, and suddenly this thought struck me, so I put it on hold and decided to tackle it.  I think romance may be the death of sexual attraction.  My generation, as well as one or two ahead and behind mine, have

You cannot make a refuser generous

I get a lot of husbands and wives asking me how to change their spouse.  How do you make them go from a refuser to a generous spouse?  After all, I managed it, so what’s the trick?  The truth is, I didn’t manage it.  There

Be Authentic about your Sexual Desire

I get a lot of emails from spouses.  I get to read about a lot of marriages in those emails.  I get to read about how spouses react, how they think, their struggles, their concerns, their hopes, their fears.  One of the big struggles I

Garbage In – Garbage Out

When I was in school for software engineering, we had a lot of acronyms that floated around.  One of the was GIGO.  Garbage In – Garbage Out. The point was that we always had to validate what the user put into a computer program, because

I miss porn

Some days I miss porn.  Isn’t that sick?  It’s true though.  And I think a lot of people who have quit porn miss it from time to time. Same goes for masturbating.  And often the two are tied together, but they aren’t always.  There are

Can Christians Pursue Sexual Pleasure?

I have a reader (who I won’t out, because I didn’t ask if I could), often sends me emails with questions related to married, Christian sexuality.  I love getting them, because, thinking about this stuff and sharing it is one of my passions (thus this

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