37 Sex Questions for spouses to ask each other

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This 2 page PDF offers some questions for spouses to ask each other about their love life together. Some are tame, to get your started, some a bit more adventurous, and some require you to open up, be vulnerable and discover what true intimacy is about.

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4 reviews for 37 Sex Questions for spouses to ask each other

  1. Kurt Micek

    Ready to see how much this works !!

  2. Blair Johnson

    Very good info

  3. FoeHammer

    I love the questions. In an effort to get my wife to open up a bit, I went through and answered them all myself and modified a few to fit us. I told her if she wants my answers she’ll have to complete hers too. The erotic story of us, was great and it flowed out of me quite easily. She hasn’t read it yet…..

  4. Jim

    My wife and I used these to stay awake on an 18 hour drive. We asked a question about every half hour. It really sparked a lot of good conversation while keeping us awake. I would highly recommend getting these and making a game of sorts out of them. We were actually talking so long answering them and discussing them that we had to hurry and finish them. We are very anxious for Version 2.

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