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  • SWM 127 – AQ – Not interested in sex, are menu infatuated with ejaculate and many more questions
    Topics include: Why am I not interested in sexy any more after having a baby? How do I get my wife to rest without guilt? Why does my wife dismiss my advice when she asks for it? How do I get my wife engaged in sexual growth? Are men infatuated with their ejaculate?
  • SWM 126 – Unspoken Nuances of Understanding
    Marriage is a cosmic tapestry, a constellation of souls woven into the fabric of time, where vows echo in the heart’s language, shaping a journey of shared whispers and laughter. It’s a dance of compromise and compassion, a symphony where individual melodies blend into a shared harmony, with time sculpting the narrative of a joint odyssey. Amidst life’s tempests, love’s resilience is tested, forging a bond that transcends the ephemeral, painting a portrait of unity where intimacy bridges solitude, and shared dreams color the canvas of existence.
  • SWM 125 – Rethinking “Duty Sex”

    I’ve had a lot of conversations with couples as well as husbands and wives individually lately about what often gets called “duty sex” or “pity sex.” For those who don’t know, duty/pity sex is when one spouse gives in to sex, not because they desire it themselves, but because their spouse does. They might have sex for many reasons, including feeling obligated, pressured, guilty, to keep the peace or to “get them off their back.”

    The problem is that these negative reasons are often the only ones considered, and so any situation in which one spouse wants sex and the other agrees to it without having an internal desire of their own is seen as unfavourable.

    But there are some excellent reasons to have what’s commonly considered “duty sex” or “pity sex,” and often, the conflicts I see in marriages are not that it’s because of those reasons I mentioned above but instead about something positive and loving.

    So, in this podcast episode, we’re going to talk about reframing duty sex in those situations.

  • SWM 124 – My daughter’s speech – A vaccine against the epidemic of transgenderism
    Today I’ve got something a bit different than the usual fare. Last year, for our 100th episode, I had my eldest daughter present her 4H speech as I felt it fit the scope of this blog. This year, she wrote a part 2. She won at her local club, and placed second at districts. So, we thought we’d record a version for the podcast again. Rather than give away any of the speech, I’ll just let you read it. If you do want to go back you can read the first speech here.
  • SWM 123 – AQ – Enjoying anal sex, periods and vacation, aging and orgasms, fantasizing, and condoms for handjobs
    Topics include: The monthly masturbation challenge How do I make anal sex enjoyable for her? Periods and vacations and sex Aging and orgasm struggles How do I know if I’m in right? Does fantasizing about my husband make it a shared experience? Condoms for handjobs Resources for newlywed virgins