Christian Marriage Bloggers Association Half Marathon

Christian Marriage Bloggers Association

The Christian Marriage Bloggers Association ran an event called they the Half Marathon which I participated in.  Basically, it was 13 days of blogging straight.  I used this time to answer a stack of questions I had received during a teleconference I participated in.  Basically, these were the questions all the listeners brought forward to be answered.  These are the burning questions in the minds of the wives who listened in.  During the teleconference, I answered to the best of my ability while thinking on my feet, but during the marathon event, I was able to slow down and think through them a bit more.  These posts are the results.

  1. Why do married men masturbate?
  2. Why do you think men think about sex more than women?
  3. Does it hurt a man’s feelings when we give instructions to him in the bedroom?
  4. Do men want their women to take the lead more when it comes to sex?
  5. How do I get my husband to be more creative when initiating sex?
  6. Do you believe couples go through sexual seasons in their relationship?
  7. Why do you think women need more foreplay than men?
  8. How would most men describe a romantic evening?
  9. Is having a man cave important to a man?
  10. What is you opinion of solo masturbation due to separation?
  11. What do I do if I get turned on by someone/something other than my spouse?
  12. What is the number 1 Thing that turn husbands off?
  13. Why do men think sex is a reward?
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