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February Squat Challenge

February Squat Challenge

From time to time, I like to run month-long challenges. Some of you joined us for our DietBet game, and even more for our Kegel challenge. This month, we’re going to be doing squats. Why do a squat challenge? Well, squats have a lot of

A year of marriage challenges – Completed?

Can you believe the year of marriage challenges is over?  I hardly can.  So, I bet a lot of people are wondering “What’s next?” and some more want to know “Where can I get a list of all the challenges?”

A year of marriage challenges

Monogamy doesn’t need to result in monotony.  I firmly believe that, even if the world tries to tell us otherwise.  Too often we see in movies, hear from comedians, and even from other Christians, that marriage gets stale after decades of being with one sexual