I have a personal, relationship or theological question

I absolutely love helping people resolve problems. Unfortunately, I often don’t have time to answer all the individual questions I get. So, in order to get your question answered promptly:

First, use the search feature on the site to try and find your problem. There’s a good chance I’ve already answered a similar problem before, as I have years of posts answering people’s questions.

If it’s a new question, send an email to [email protected] – however, my priority is to either help individuals who are serious about wanting help or potentially help as many people as possible at once. As such, coaching clients get first priority, then supporters, not because they paid me, but because anyone willing to put their money down is definitely serious. After that comes questions that I can answer publicly that I think will help a lot of people, and then questions that I have to answer privately will be answered when I find time.

If you prefer to ask a question anonymously, you can ask it on our anonymous Have A Question page. They get answered in my monthly anonymous questions round-up posts or separately if I decide it should have its own post.

If you ask a question that is not new, you’ll likely eventually get a response with a link to a post that already exists. If you tell me you did try the search, that will probably get your question prioritized a bit higher.

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