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Help For Christian WivesBook Description

Are you a woman that is craving intimacy with her husband, but it feels like all he wants out of you is sex? This marriage book is for the wife that wants to understand her husband’s sex drive. Most women will be floored to understand what their husbands are actually saying when they are asking for physical connection.

Women in Christian marriages today are searching out Biblical answers to their marital problems. A lack of intimacy is a major problem in marriages. This comes through a misunderstanding of the needs each partner has in the relationship.

Who needs a good marriage book like this one?

  • Women that want to grow in deeper relationship with their husband
  • Christians that have marriage questions and want a Biblical understanding of God’s design of sex
  • Those in need of marriage advice regarding intimacy
  • Anyone that is unhappily married and is searching for a way to be happy in their relationship

If you are a woman that is ready to grow her relationship and take it to a deeper level, then this book is for you.

What this sex book has to offer

  • A clear understanding of a man’s sex drive
  • A look at how to talk to your spouse about your sexual needs
  • A Biblical look at frequently asked questions in regards to sex
  • Who should take the lead when it comes to intimacy
  • What to do about not having enough energy for physical connection
  • Working through marital problems in a productive way
  • How to handle emotional holidays
  • and much more

If you want to feel a renewed love for your spouse and have an abundant relationship, this is a great place to start.

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What others have to say about the book

This book was very well written, and I applaud Mr. Dee on his dedication to trying to understand the female mind, in addition to his study into the dynamic relationship between a man and his wife. All marriages have some issues, and sex tends to be one of the areas where men and women both seem to shy away from more often than not. I liked how he appropriately explained the biblical passages related to the different topics he discussed, and showed both sides of the common arguments which seem to cause men and women problems. An example would be about how men and women can avoid much pain by being proactive and keeping themselves connected to their partners. As a wife, I know that a lot of the time I know what my husband is thinking even before he articulates it, and understanding the reasons why can help me to better respond. I would definitely recommend this book to newlyweds who are struggling through the waters of sexual tensions, desires, and needs.


I thought this was a very insightful look for women to understand their husbands. It was a great compilation of subjects that men and women struggle to understand each other over. Definitely a great book for women that want to know more about their husbands and their motivations when it comes to sex and intimacy.


I had the pleasure of reading through this book and its companion book with my spouse. I thought the author did a great job at addressing the differences between the male and female mind, and how their different perspectives and priorities can affect the dynamics of the relationship. This book was helpful in going through the bible verses along with the science and the common questions and scenarios that wives and husbands face in marriage but might have a hard time explaining or communicating to others. I liked Jay’s insights and wish him success in getting this message out to other church goers.


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