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Is it sinful for widows to masturbate?

Is it okay for widows to masturbate?

How do you answer the question of whether or not it’s okay for widows to masturbate?  Well, I got asked this very question back in August and I’ll admit, I’ve been hesitant to answer it.  Here’s the comment from our Are sex toys allowed in

God is a healer, not a doctor

I often hear Christians claiming that God will fix their illness, or fix their marriage, or fix one aspect of their life, and I think too often we approach God as a doctor, not as a healer.  When we experience symptoms, we go to a

Are there changes to sex after marriage?

Here’s yet another question through our Have A Question page.  I’ll be honest, I’ve been hesitant to answer this one, but here we go anyways: My fiancé and I have sex every once in a while. Are their changes in sex after marriage? I think

Sexual Side Effects of Medication

Another question that came in through our “Have A Question” page.  This is specifically about SSRI’s, but I think it’s applicable to just about any medication as I kept it generic enough to apply to a larger group of people. I think I need a

When is sex outside of marriage permitted?

I found this question in my list of drafts that I hadn’t tackled yet, so here we go: My question is this, when circumstances are exceptional (impossible), is sex outside of marriage ok? In short, my situation is this – firstly, my boyfriend and I

Do not be deceived

I come across a pattern from time to time in this ministry.  Couples who get deceived by something evil, thinking it’s good.  I got a message just yesterday showcasing this pattern yet again.  So, I thought I’d write a quick post in the hopes that

Who’s influencing your thoughts?

Last month my pastor did a sermon series on the life of David, and he brought out a point that I felt had applications in marriage.  It’s the idea of being careful who you listen to, because they can invade your thoughts, they can mess

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