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Is sex work?

Is sex work for you?  What about your spouse?  Do you know?  Now, for me, the answer is a hands down “No”.  I mean, I work hard during sex, and my muscles get tired, I get sweaty and I’m very focused … but I would

Is sex your drug of choice?

I’ve had a bit of a rough month, personally.  Nothing really changed, I just got really tired of the long commute, lack of sleep, high stress and lower pay of my new job, loss of autonomy, and on and on.  It sort of dropped me

Being clean for sex

I’ve seen a bunch of comments lately on the topic of being clean for sex. Here’s a few I’d noticed just in the last couple of days: i would like to hear about shower / bath before sex. is it common? is it done in

Growth takes risk

Sometimes you need to be willing to risk what you have in order to get something better.  I’m not talking about leaving your spouse on the hopes of a better one, though that’s the message the world tries to peddle.  Rather, I’m talking about getting

Discussion about initiating sex

We’re going to try something a bit different today, we’re going to try a discussion question.  Basically, I’m not going to write a post, I’m just going to ask a couple of questions and open the floor to comments below. Because sometimes I get questions

Initiation only counts if your spouse recognizes it

My wife and I were talking about people’s responses to yesterday’s post.  Our conversation let to what initiation was.  We had just had sex, and I mentioned that I had initiated that encounter.  Initially she disagreed saying “I came to bed naked”.  I countered saying

Be Authentic about your Sexual Desire

I get a lot of emails from spouses.  I get to read about a lot of marriages in those emails.  I get to read about how spouses react, how they think, their struggles, their concerns, their hopes, their fears.  One of the big struggles I

We tend to do what we like

I received this anonymous question from our Have A Question page back in a couple of months ago. I’m married for 29 years. I love being with my husband sexually but why do I always have to remind him slow and soft during foreplay.  You

I miss porn

Some days I miss porn.  Isn’t that sick?  It’s true though.  And I think a lot of people who have quit porn miss it from time to time. Same goes for masturbating.  And often the two are tied together, but they aren’t always.  There are

Your friends are fake

It’s true.  We live in a world full of fake people.  We watch them, we compare ourselves to them, we judge ourselves by their standard.  But they’re all fake.  I’m talking about our social media friends.  Our social networks of fans, followers and peeps. We

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