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Being more skilled at rejection

Being more skilled at rejection

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about being more skilled at initiating sex, but today we’re going to tackle rejection.  I think sexual rejection might be one of the touchiest conflicts to handle in marriage.  It’s hard to do correctly and too easily to

Being more skilled at initiation

I think one of the biggest conflicts regarding sex with a lot of couples is simply how initiation and rejection are handled.  From both sides. I think if we could improve that one back and forth conversation, a lot of marriages would be a substantial

Can my wife get addicted to sex toys?

I received an email last night with this question: I’ve often wanted to use some sex toys in our relationship to just have fun experimenting.  To mix it up a little. I worry though that my wife will need this type of stimulation all the time

What would be on your pre-vasectomy wishlist?

My vasectomy is scheduled for tomorrow.  That’s a little intimidating to write, to be honest.  Because even after all the encouraging comments I read in our permanent birth control survey responses, and even after all the research I’ve done, and knowing how low the failure

Adult Nursing Relationships

Adult Nursing Relationships - all the questions you're too embarrassed to ask

I’ve been putting off this post for a long time, but after writing about why men are breast obsessed, it seemed an opportune time to bring it up.  So, today we’re going to talk about Adult Nursing Relationships, also known as ANRs, and more specifically,

Are you ready for mother’s day?

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that the most dangerous day of the year for marriages is sneaking up fast.  That’s right, Mother’s Day.  So, this year I thought I’d give you fair warning.  Give you a chance to

Why do I have to fix our marriage?

I think a lot of spouses have this question.  Whether the relationship is lacking in quantity or quality of sex, communication skills, budgeting, or whatever.  Typically there is one spouse that is more “high drive” in that area.  They want to push this aspect of

Informative or Erotic?

Being a Christian Sex Blogger comes with a unique challenge:  How do you educate about sex while keeping it informative, interesting, accessible, yet not crossing a line into being erotic? I received an email this week from a single male who seemed to be chastising

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